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World Hoop Day México 2013

WorldHoopDay2013Mexico Even though World Hoop Day 2013 occurred on October 5th this year, there’s still plenty of awesome footage surfacing from related events that took place! This video was filmed in Parque Mexico, which is located in the Condesa district of Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. The amazing footage was put together by the video team known as “La Crema“, consisting of Silvana Palacios Cortés of HoopalooH and Simón Sánchez and features hoopers, a little contact juggling, poi spinning, stilt walking and more, all coming together to celebrate World Hoop Day! The soundtrack for this is titled “Sleepless” by Flume and it’s available for you to download on iTunes.

World Hoop Day 2013: The World Spins (Part 1)

World Hoop Day 2013 by Philo Hagen

World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this weekend in cities and towns all over the world. Celebrated for the first time in it’s new timeslot on the first Saturday in October, 10/05/13 this year, hoopers all over this big blue marble were spinning things up in support of world peace and raising funds to help put hula hoops in the hands of needy kids around the globe. On six continents this year hoopers gathered together in celebration of World Hoop Day, so let’s take a closer look at some of the coolest stuff that’s already rolling in from the coolest holiday event there is!


In Manila, hoopers in the Philippines gathered to celebrate World Hoop Day.

Hula Hoop Appetizers

In Tokyo, Japan, the big event for World Hoop Day was held this year in Yoyogi Park, but a smaller hoop-themed dinner that included these hooped up appetizers was also organized. We’re expecting a lot more of these to turn up in 2014.


World Hoop Day Sydney

In Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, hoopers from the World Hoop Day Sydney Chapter gathered in Hyde Park.


In Austria, Hoop Dancers OÖ spun up the World Hoop Day Dance this year.

In Hamburg, Germany, a public hoop jam gathering celebrated the big day and caught the attention of those passing by.

Rehkjavic Hooping

In Reykavik, Iceland, hoopers gathered in Lækjartorg square to spin things up.

And in Paris, France, another large event was held that included a performance of the World Hoop Day Dance for this year.


In Boston, Massachusetts, USA, American hoopers spun up the World Hoop Day Dance and a whole lot more.

Jessica “Digitalis” Davis delivered an amazing performance at the big World Hoop Day event in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Hoopers in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, spun up the fun again this year.

One of the places to be for World Hoop Day annually is Madison, Wisconsin, USA, and the festivities this year included some amazing performances.

In Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, Mane Almqvist and Zuriel Santiago performed together.

In New York, New York, USA, hoopers performed with their hoops all over the city, and they were so excited they even performed on the F Train.

Carla Samson and Scott Van Sice spun up just one of many amazing performances on the World Hoop Day Michigan stage this year, acro hooping together in Wayne, Michigan, USA.


Brazil World Hoop Day

In South America, hoopers in São Paulo, Brazil, gathered for Dia Mundial do Bambolê

There’s more to come so keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 later this week. Hooping.org is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of World Hoop Day and to be involved in sharing the mission of World Hoop Day annually because we truly believe that in doing so, we are making the world a better place. The more people hoop it up, the happier they are. The happier people are, the happier the world is that we live in. And even though World Hoop Day is over for another year, you can still donate to this important cause and share the gift of play and joy and exercise by visiting WorldHoopDay.org.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Countdown to World Hoop Day 2013: Game On

World Hoop Day by Marlys Hersey

So often, hooping brings smiles to our faces (for both hoopers and watchers alike). Hooping instigates new friendships and strengthens community bonds, as well as encouraging us to try entirely new things, expanding our notions of what’s possible. So it just makes sense that World Hoop Day came into being, with the goal of “promoting peace, community, and healthy living.”

In essence, World Hoop Day is all about hooping for peace, one day of the year when we’re encouraged to get together to hoop it up in an international celebration of this simple yet profoundly joyous activity—and to help spread hooping to those who have not yet tried it, primarily by giving them a hoop.

Annie O'Keeffe And we have just under two months to get ready for the next one. Since World Hoop Day creator and co-founder Annie “Hoopin’ Annie” O’Keeffe believes in the power of numbers and first conceived the idea around Cinco de Mayo in 2005 (5/5/05), the first World Hoop Day was held on July 7, 2007 (7/7/07; the next year it was on 8/8/08… You get the idea). This year, since there is no thirteenth month, the seventh annual World Hoop Day departs from its trend of numerical repetition, settling on Saturday, October 5, 2013.

Perhaps more importantly, though, “World Hoop Day” also refers to the non-profit organization which uses the annual event to raise money to make and donate hoops to children in need. You know how much joy hooping brings you and your friends; imagine spreading that possibility of joy to kids all over the world.

The organization sends hooping ambassadors to various places around the globe to distribute free hoops. For example, co-founder Kevin O’Keeffe has orchestrated “hoop drops” (love that!) at orphanages and community centers in Mexico. In my own community, friend and fellow hooper Crystal Allbright brought homemade hoops to the schoolkids in Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico, just across the Rio Grande from Big Bend National Park in Texas, when finally this spring, after nearly eleven years of being closed, the international border was re-opened here, allowing for legal passage once again between the U.S. and the remote, fairly impoverished town of Boquillas. The next month, when a cross-border (cross-river) celebration occurred at nearby Paso Lajitas, Mexico- Lajitas, Texas, USA, Crystal brought more hoops to share, which were a big hit.

Allbright Paso Lajitas

Photo by Crystal Allbright, courtesy of Big Bend Gazette

And really, how can you resist this plea directly from the people at World Hoop Day headquarters:

“Bring joy, peace and freedom to children around the world. Teach about love and sharing across borders. Offer the experience of art, dance and flow. With your generosity we can send more hoops and more ambassadors around the globe to reach out to children with our sparkly circles of peace. Hoops can be so simple, but mean so much, expansion of movement, thoughts and experience can change how all people deal with the aspects of life. Growing up in different parts of the world is not always easy, but hoops bring hope, inspiration and light into everyone’s life.”

Of course, you don’t have to travel abroad to share the hooping love. Surely there are people in your community who would benefit from the fun and fitness inherent in hooping. By now many of us already know the great pleasure in handing someone a hoop for their first try at hooping.

Surely many of you already know about World Hoop Day and are already eagerly anticipating this annual hoopla (pun intended). If you have not already made your plans for the festivities, in addition to hooping that day, and knowing you are in great company, here are some ways to consider being part of this ambitious movement in an even more meaningful way:

1. Partake in an already-established WHD event (visit World Hoop Day Events to locate one near you)

2. Host a hooping event for WHD –which includes hooping and some form of fundraising for the organization, from as simple as a donation box at your hooping jam to organizing a community event.

3. Donate to World Hoop Day, or become a sponsor.

4. Donate hoops or hooping materials to WHD. Or donate hoops to local charity(s) in your community (e.g. your local Boys & Girls Club).

5. Become a hooping ambassador (No, really! And how cool is that for a title? “Uh, yah, that’s right, I am a World Hooping Ambasssador….”): Become an Ambassador.

If you are joining or hosting a WHD event, you might consider incorporating a group dance. For the fourth year now, there’s an official WHD Dance, which “allows hoopers around the planet to learn and perform a choreographed hoop dance that is later compiled into one dance video as part of the World Hoop Day celebrations.” Choreographer Kristin McQuillin says this dance number should take only about an hour for a hooping group of mixed skill levels to learn.

Whatever you end up doing for this cosmic event, please consider sharing stories, photos, and videos of it with us. Happy hooping for peace!


marlys Columnist Marlys Hersey caught the hooping fever in Spring 2013 and promptly surrendered to it. She started a hoop jam in the Chihuahuan Desert where she lives in Alpine, Texas, USA. She works as a massage therapist, and is Editor/Writer/Co-owner of The Big Bend Gazette.

World Hoop Day 2013: Let’s Choose a Date

World Hoop Day Annie O’Keefe of World Hoop Day writes, “For five years we have celebrated World Hoop Day on very special tri-numeral dates. Starting with 7/7/7 and continuing through next year to 12/12/12, and the magic of numbers has spun a portal to another world. A real world, made possible by every one of you. Since the beginning, however, people have come up and asked me what about 2013? You have also been getting that question and don’t know what to say. Well, it’s time to decide together. For the next week, I am asking you to submit your ideal date choice for 2013 and beyond. Think globally. Spring and Fall are equally pleasant seasons and opposite on either side of the globe. While summer may be a great time to hoop outside, it’s only fabulous in one hemisphere…” Got an idea or an opinion? Share it with World Hoop Day.