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Daniel Lee Hooping

Danielle Lee

Danielle Lee of Hoop Elation even went for a high hoop toss while on the dock. Love it! She’s from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Photo by Wesley Verhoeve, part of his “One of Many” project.

The Hooping Bride

The Hooping Bride with Jeci Marciano

The beautiful hooping bride is none other than Jeci Marciano, spinning it up at her wedding. Congratulations Jeci and Andy! She lives in Jackson, Wisconsin, USA. Photo by Brandy Hug of Bombard Studios.

Sonora Larsen Hooping

Weave to Arm Fold with Sonora Larson

Sonora Larson is back with a new tutorial and while the video quality could be better, the move itself is pretty awesome so give it your full attention anyway. She’s teaching us something this...

Danielle Lee Hoop Dance

Danielle Lee: Mad Circus Gala 2013

Danielle Lee of Hoop Elation recently spun up a winning performance at the Mad Circus Gala in the mad town that is Madison. Not only does she know how to throw down some sweet...


Pick Up the World with Breezi

Breezi of Gnar Hoops is back with another of her semi-silent tutorials, this time teaching us how to “Pick up the World”; a trick that utilizes two hoops and a huge helping of one of our favorite movements –...

Hoopin 2: Hoops of Glory FEAT

Hoopin’ 2: Hoops of Glory

Earlier in the year we shared with you the hilarious trailer for Hoopin’ where one man dared to dream and embarked upon the epic hula hoop battle of a lifetime. Well, guess what? The...


Fun-Sized Breezi

Fun-Sized Breezi of Gnar Hoops hoops for peace in a photo shoot with Annalee Gasch. Love it! She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Gnar Hoops

Gnar Hoops

Breezi of Gnar Hoops spins up a breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Photo by Michael Reuter.

Hoops: FEAT

Hoops: A Short Film

“Hoops” is a brand new short film by Jordan Post that revolves around the hoop. It’s one of those stories that echoes so many people’s lives. When romance deals us all the wrong cards,...