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Flora with Nika Rose


Nika Rose is the featured hooper in this stunning short film by James DeMary of Svvvge Bevuty Films. Simply beautiful, it left us all a little breathless.

World Hoop Day 2014 (Part 1)


by Philo Hagen World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this weekend in cities and towns all around the world. Celebrated for the second time in it’s new timeslot, the first Saturday of October, hoopers all over this big blue marble…

Danielle Lee

Daniel Lee Hooping

Danielle Lee of Hoop Elation even went for a high hoop toss while on the dock. Love it! She’s from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Photo by Wesley Verhoeve, part of his “One of Many” project.

The Back Roll with Drill with Sarah Sparkles

sarahsparkles Are you interested in nailing the perfect back roll? Then this tutorial is just what you’ve been waiting for. Sarah Sparkles of Sparkle and Burn Hoop Dance shares how to do just that with her new “Back Roll with Drill” hooping tutorial. “The more contact you have with the forearm the more contact the hoop is gonna make with the arm,” she explains while sharing the drill you need to work on to get that send off just right. Sarah currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Weave to Arm Fold with Sonora Larson

Sonora Larson Hooping Sonora Larson is back with a new tutorial and while the video quality could be better, the move itself is pretty awesome so give it your full attention anyway. She’s teaching us something this time around that she calls the “Weave to Arm Fold” because essentially it is just that. It starts with a weave and it goes into an arm fold, but it’s cooler than it sounds! We promise! In fact, this is a great transition move that will hopefully help with your flow and she shows us the move from both the front and the back so we don’t miss anything. Sonora lives in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA.