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Weave to Arm Fold with Sonora Larson

Sonora Larson Hooping Sonora Larson is back with a new tutorial and while the video quality could be better, the move itself is pretty awesome so give it your full attention anyway. She’s teaching us something this time around that she calls the “Weave to Arm Fold” because essentially it is just that. It starts with a weave and it goes into an arm fold, but it’s cooler than it sounds! We promise! In fact, this is a great transition move that will hopefully help with your flow and she shows us the move from both the front and the back so we don’t miss anything. Sonora lives in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA.

The Double Archer to Fold with Sarah Sparkles

Sarah Sparkles Hooping

http://youtu.be/qpvrtHlEMbc It's time for a tutorial by the one and only Sarah Sparkles. We've seen her hoop dancing on the site before, but now it's time to learn a thing or two from her. Watch as she teaches us how to do a combination move with double hoops that she is calling "The Double Archer…

Heather Gregoire

Heather Gregoire Hoops

http://youtu.be/0XnkoSMPhus Heather Gregoire recently traveled to Tampa Bay, Florida, where you can find her having a whole lot of fun hooping it up on a playground. She says, "I had so much fun at the Tampa Bay Flow Tribe's spin jam there, that I went back the next day to catch some shots of the awesome…

Fun-Sized Breezi


Fun-Sized Breezi of Gnar Hoops hoops for peace in a photo shoot with Annalee Gasch. Love it! She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Gnar Hoops

Gnar Hoops

Breezi of Gnar Hoops spins up a breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Photo by Michael Reuter.

Hoops: A Short Film

Hoops: FEAT

"Hoops" is a brand new short film by Jordan Post that revolves around the hoop. It's one of those stories that echoes so many people's lives. When romance deals us all the wrong cards, things start looking a little bleak and we just plain don't know what to do with ourselves and our lives. We…

Gina Weber: Orchestrated Incident

Every now and then someone comes spinning their way into the hoop community in such a big way that we're impressed right from the start. Enter Gina Weber in her very first hooping video, filmed and edited by Bennett Litton. We gave it a watch and instantly had a new hoop crush. Spinning things up…

Sarah E. Sparkles

March 20, 2013 marked the first day of Spring in many parts of the world, but Sarah E. Sparkles presents a different view of springtime in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.  In Sarah's words, "This video is dedicated to the seasons where I don't have to clear a space to dance, and I can dig my toes in the…

Danielle Lee: The Sweetness of St. John

That old saying is true that "location is everything." And when you add a hooper and their hoop to some truly gorgeous scenery, the result is captivating. Danielle Lee of Hoop Elation takes us on a whirled-wind tour of the St. John Island in this video, filmed on the Ram's Head Trail outside of the…

Have You Completed Your 2012 New Year Revolutions?

We're back from our holiday hiatus and Danielle Lee of Hoop Elation made a New Years Revolution for herself for 2012 to learn the three beat weave. How'd she do? Well, see for yourself. Better late than never, right? Do you have any New Year Revolutions left for 2012 that you haven't completed yet? The…