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The Tale of the Trailer House Mouse

Tale of the Trailer House Mouse A new children’s book written by none other than hooping grandmother Vicky Hallenbeck, known here at Hooping.org as Honeychile, spins up a tale for kids and adults with some hooping in it. It’s not the kids that are hooping it up though, it’s granny! In The Tale of the Trailer House Mouse things are different depending on the season. In summertime life for the mice living under the trailer house is a picnic. In winter, however, they must confront Ming, the Siamese cat guardian of the trailer house, or go hungry. The story has a surprising hero and reminds children and adults that respect for the age and experience of others can bring unexpected rewards. Written and illustrated by Vicky, the book is available in print and ebook on Amazon. She lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

Vicky Hallenbeck Hoops Up HealthKwest

Vicky Hallenbeck: Day 64 Think Hooping Idol is tough? Try HealthKwest – a healthier living challenge sponsored by Ghengis Grill that has had one hooper posting videos daily since February 7th – and guess what? She still has until May 31st to go! Vicky “Honeychile” Hallenbeck of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, was one of 60 chosen khantestants to participate in a challenge to lose weight, exercise and eat smart, a challenge that could score her $10,000, and every step along the way she’s been hooping it up, promoting hooping to everyone involved with the contest, and getting pretty much everyone from her local Ghenghis Grill hooping with her. Regarding her Day 64 video she writes, “Sometimes it’s useful to look at things from a different angle. I hope you enjoy the various angles I tried with my hoop tonight — I had loads of fun shooting this video and trying to figure out how to hoop while holding the camera!” Vicky could really use our community support with votes and you can vote two ways: 1) Cast your vote on the main site, and/or 2) you can also like her Facebook posts here to cast another vote. Vicky’s spreading the hoop joy so let’s show her some love. Watch her Day 64 Video below:

Competitions, Canadians and a Moment of Zen

• When Genghis Grill introduced Health Kwest for a journey into a healthier lifestyle, it came with a contest and one of the “Khantestants” is hooper Vicky Hallenbeck of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We’re particularly fond of Day 9. Currently she’s in a tight race for 2nd. Let’s see her come in first. Give her a vote at HealthKwest (she’s at the bottom of the page).

• If corporate combat is a little much for your sensibilities, or even if it wasn’t, we highly recommend this moment of zen. It’s Alanna LP double hooping in the snow at the Daibutsu in Kamakura, Japan: All is Full of Love

• Canadians compete in things too, like Jamie N who is out to win the Young Free Alberta Dance Challenge. Her video is here and you can vote for her over here. Go Jamie! :)

• Canadians don’t always have the good sense to get out of the rain though: Vancouver Olympic Anniversary Celebration

• And last, but certainly not least, why not spike up your hoop weekend with a little something extra: Hoop Frisbee