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Rumi, Poet Laureate of Hoopers

hoopingwhirl[Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn  shares her love for Rumi.]

by Lara Eastburn

As hoopers, feelers, movers and thinkers, odds are you’ve heard of the 13th century Persian poet known to the Western world as Rumi. If you haven’t, then prepare yourself for a dose of twirling, whirling enlightenment. And even if you are familiar with his vocabulary of love, separation, and circles, perhaps you have not yet thought about how pertinent his poetry and philosophy could be to your hoopdance. Did you know that Rumi most often recited his poetry while spinning around a column? Take that in for a moment. The greatest philosopher, poet, and spiritual leader of his time didn’t consider his most sacred or profane thoughts complete, or even truly meaningful, until his body was physically expressing them through dance, and… literally in circles.

Rumi believed that the planets – and everything else the 13th century hadn’t even dreamed of yet — was turning in chorus, in spirals around itself. And so he believed that human participation in a naturally revolving universe meant that we should spin, too.  He wrote and spoke about every mundane facet of our seemingly basic lives. But when he spoke about it while whirling, he revealed those emotional and human loops as Art. Rumi endeavored to show us that if we move honestly, and especially in circles, we give tribute to what we are. Rumi IS the poet laureate of hoopdancers and that’s exactly the argument I aim to make in this week’s Hooposophy article.