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Hooping Idol 3: Meet the Finalists for 90s Dance Hits Week

HoopingIdolFinalists Welcome to Hooping Idol 3, Hooping.org’s award-winning contest that will be leading us all on an ever spinning journey in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! Before we introduce our finalists for Season 3, we first want to send out the most heartfelt thank yous to everyone who submitted Hooping Idol 3 Casting Week auditions. You made our finalist decision making process the most difficult to date as you’re all so freakin talented and each and everyone of you are already Hooping Idols in our book so if you didn’t make the cut, please don’t let that be a reflection of your mad skills or how much we care because we love you all with all our heart. With more than 50 hoopers auditioning this year it pained us to have to narrow the list down to 20 and we have nothing but love for everyone who threw their hoop into the ring this year. We so wish we were able to bring everyone along for the ride.

For Casting Week we asked you to create an audition video introduction, to show us a little bit of the city or town in which you live, to tell us what you love about hooping and include a demonstration of your skills. We gave you posting instructions and reminded you of the importance of following our directions to the letter. Casting Week entries that met the basics were then evaluated further. We also examined the skill set of each of our applicants and awarded points to those who, regardless of how long they have been hooping, we believed would be able to hold their own. These things and many more were considered, ultimately bringing us here and a final consensus on our final 20 – plus one returnee from last year. So now, without any further ado, we proudly present your 2013 Hooping Idol Finalists for Season Three for 90s Dance Hits Week in alphabetical order. Keep in mind the page is video heavy and make take some time to load. Thanks!

Harlow: White Daisies

Harlow Hooping Pulling up your roots and relocating is rarely an easy choice to make. To leave your familiar surroundings, friends, feline and haunts has to be one of the hardest things to do, but sometimes we just have to do it. Hooping Idol Season 2 favourite Harlow LeStrange, aka Natasha Halliday of Hulacination Hoops, works her moving blues out in a way I am sure most hoopers can associate with – by getting in the circle, spinning it up and letting it all go.
She is now living in Wellington, New Zealand, and her perfect accompanying soundtrack for this beautiful video in black and white is “White Daisy Passing” by Rocky Volotano and it’s available for download on iTunes. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Hooping Tutorials: One Handed Coin Flip – Twin Variations

kenna hoops You may remember that last week, Kenna Hoops of Hooping Mad taught us how to do the one handed coin flip (as well as several variations and combinations with this trick). Now that you’ve had some time to practice, she is back with the second part of her tutorial to show us how to incorporate this trick with twins. You’ll learn how to do a one handed coin clip with an iso turn (from both a static and spinning position), a double isolation, a throw, and hip reels. Filmed in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand, while Kenna was at New Zealand Hoopfest. Kenna lives in Bristol, England, UK.

New Zealand Hoopfest Spins It Up

New Zealand Hoopfest

New Zealand Hoopfest: Photo by Tawny Alma

[Guest blogger Anne-Marie Emerson gives us the hoop scoop on the New Zealand Hoopfest/a>]

by Anne-Marie Emerson

The New Zealand hooping community came together for the second annual New Zealand HoopFest, held in the beautiful setting that is the Brookfields Outdoor Education Centre in Wainuiomata, near Wellington. The event attracted 75 hoopers from throughout New Zealand and all around the globe. Organizer Claire French of Frenchy Productions – known to everyone affectionately as “Frenchy” – says she was delighted to be able to bring international hoop stars to the event this year as well. “It’s been great to have so many super-skilled people here. Kenna Hoops is a friend of mine from the UK. She contacted me and said she was coming over this side of the world and would love to come and teach. Lisa Lu is from Germany, but she’s been doing work placement here in New Zealand. And KaytiBunny came all the way from the States.”

Hooping Tutorials: One Handed Coin Flip

emma coin flip We take you to New Zealand where we find Kenna Hoops of Hooping Mad ready to teach all of us how to do the one handed coin flip! This is quite a lengthy tutorial because not only does she show us how to do the one handed coin flip, but she also teaches us several variations and combinations that can be done with this trick as well. Filmed in lovely Wellington, New Zealand, where the color of the sky almost matches her hair, Kenna lives in Bristol, England, UK, and was in New Zealand for New Zealand Hoopfest.

A Swede, a Kiwi and a Brit

A Swede, a Kiwi and a Brit Wellington, New Zealand. The nation’s capital, home to the arts, the Beehive, Peter Jackson and wind. Lots of wind. Wellington’s official nickname is Windy Wellington so it’s no surprise our international hooper stars here are experiencing a helping hand from the breeze. Emma Hörnell from Östersund, Sweden, Kenna Hoops of Hooping Mad in Bristol, England, UK, and Ryn Hooligan of New Zealand are our truly international wind defying hoopers, hooping to Detektivbyran’s “Lyckans Undulat” which you can get for yourself on iTunes.

Cape Town Hula Hoops for the Animals

Arise and Hoop at Psycho Stompers

Arise and Hoop at Psycho Stompers

Psycho Stomper is a Cape Town trance party where all the proceeds go to the Wellington SPCA, a local animal shelter. Shouniez & Shaheen Van Der Schyff got the idea of initiating a “Hoop-a-thon” at the event to raise even more funds. For their support of the SPCA in Wellington, they decided that people would be hooping it up for three hours – providing they could raise at least R1000 for the cause. Not only were they able to raise the cash, they raised the hoop factor as well. Wayne Barham from Arise and Hoop heard about it and got in on the effort and soon the entire Arise and Hoop crew was rolling on board. From there, a rapid domino effect started to happen and the response was phenomenal raising the target R1000 within a mere week and a half. And the South African generosity for our furry friends didn’t end there either. By the weekend of the party everyone had managed to raise a total of R3400 for the Wellington SPCA and a hooping good time was had by all. Did we mention that Arise and Hoop dressed up as animals in support too? Check out all the photos here.