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The Mermaid Dip with Deven Zimmer


Deven ZimmerDeven Zimmer is here with a new hula hooping tutorial for a combo that’s pretty crazy! She calls it the “Mermaid Dip” and this rotating back roll into a wedgie series is most certainly advanced, but as you can see for yourself, it isn’t impossible. If you’re looking for your next big challenge this weekend, we’re pretty sure this is it. She says, “It’s an extremely complicated trick so do not get discouraged! A lot of it is muscle memory and timing.” Deven lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA, and the soundtrack for this is by her friend Collin Swayze, aka Absent Tone. It’s called “yui” and you can follow him on Soundcloud.

Leg Spin Wedgie Combo with Beth Piver

Beth Pivers hooping With both funky graphics and a funky hula hoop, Beth Piver of Hoop Trix is back to teach us two variations of a combination consisting of a leg spin and a wedgie. The first variation uses your hands to flip the hoop around your leg and the second variation is done hands free. No matter what variation you choose to learn, you’re bound to impress your audience. Beth lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “The Desert Suit Conspiracy” by Spy and it’s currently unavailable to be downloaded.

Frank J Olmstead Wins with Wedgies

Frank Olmstead hooping Frank J Olmstead shows off some new wedgie variations that he has been working on in this video that was filmed in front of some funky artwork hanging at LangLab Studios in South Bend, Indiana. You can say Frank is great with his legs because that hand spin into an a elevator and wedgie move sure caught our eye – not to mention his jumping wedgies! Frank lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is the popular “Take Me To Church” by Jasmine Thompson, so be sure to download your own copy of it over on iTunes.

Wedgie to Chest Hooping with Hazy Sunshine

hazysunshinewedgiechesthoop Hoopers are braving the cold to spin it up, and even to help others learn how to do some cool hooping combos during the winter months as well. In fact, Hazy Sunshine is making her Hooping.org debut doing just that and she’s here with a brand new tutorial on how to do a move she is calling a “Wedgie to Chest Hooping Combo.” She breaks it down in detail for those who want to learn and we’re impressed with her instruction and her willingness to brave the elements to teach. She lives in Smithtown, New York, USA.

Reverse Escalator Wedgie with Frank J Olmstead

Hooping with Frank Frank J Olmstead is here with a new hooping tutorial and he’s sharing a move with us that he thinks of as his child. We can see why, it’s a pretty cool “Reverse Escalator into Wedgie no hands variation that you really need to check out. He says, “This is a hula hooping trick I have been innovating and would like to share with everyone” and we’re so glad he did. He’s got the instructions for you to start making this one your own too. Frank lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Fun With Wedgies with Ji Young Lee

Ji Young Lee Let’s have some fun with wedgies, shall we? Ji Young Lee makes her hooping.org debut with a brand new tutorial and she’s here to help us get a little silly with it. Yay! She’s teaching us a couple of wedgie variations that she is calling The Wedgie Walk, and The Wedgie Jump and they’re a whole lot fun. Why? As she puts it, “Because I have absolutely fallen in love with wedgies!” She lives in Oxford, England, UK.

Double Hoop Wedgie Variation Tutorial


Caitlin Hofer Are you looking for a fun new trick to add to your twin hoops flow? How about giving this one a try? In this tutorial by Isopuppy, otherwise known as Caitlin Hofer, she demonstrates how to incorporate a wedgie into your doubles as well. What’s the secret? She says, “The main goal here is to get comfortable with going from a wedgie straight into shoulder hooping WITHOUT using your left hand and keeping the other hoop spinning in your right hand.” Caitlin lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.14 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 2 “Moonlight”: I. Adagio sostenuto. It can be downloaded on iTunes.

The Super Wedgie

Angie Mack Angie Mack is here to give us a step by step break down in her new tutorial of something she is calling “The Super Wedgie!” In order to do this, however, you must first know how to do the The Back Spin Wedgie Flick Up (classic wedgie moves). The Super Wedgie is a combination with several things for you to work on, but once you’ve got it you’ll be sure to wow your fans and friends having adding this Super move to your flow! Angie lives in Brighton, England, UK.