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Palm Balance Into Vertical Chest Roll Combo

Layla Wentink Hooping Layla Wentink, better known in the hooping community as “Orlala”, offers up some helpful advice in this new hooping tutorial teaching us a fun hand balance to chest roll combo! Watch and listen closely to her tips on proper balancing technique and the illusory trick in this technical roll and you’ll be spinning this one into your mix in no time. Layla currently lives in Duvall, Washington, USA.

Let’s Learn Horizontal Mandalas with Sarah Schireman

Sarah Schireman Sarah Schireman of Hooping Idol 5 is here with a brand new hooping tutorial and she’s going to be teaching us how to do “Horizontal Mandalas”. In this tutorial for one of her favorite moves, Sarah breaks it down so you can really understand how to make it happen, and then she serves the move up in slow motion from different angles too. You can give this one a spin at pretty much any hooping level too. Sarah lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and the music playing in this is “Gold (Candyland & Revoke Remix)” by Adventure Club featuring Yuna and you can get your copy of it on on iTunes.

Hoop Dance Magic with Jessica Hazleton

jessica hazleton Jessica Hazleton knows how to have a good time and we find her in the forest with a few of her friends hoop dancing to “Magic Dance” from the movie Labyrinth. She says, “One of the best Jim Henson movies ever! Hope you enjoy! No stuffed animals were hurt in the making of this video.” Spinning her mini hoops and more with skills ranging from hoop tech to hoop dance, we loved it! Jessica lives in Stanwood, Washington, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is “Magic Dance” by David Bowie and you can get your copy of it over on iTunes.

Fire Hooping and Cherry Blossoms with Saleurn Ramos

Saleurn Ramos Cherry Blossom Saleurn “eS-Bot” Ramos of Hoop Bots lights up the night and the cherry blossoms with her springtime single and twin fire hooping. She spins up some impressive throws, interesting camera angles, and beautiful shots framed by the white cherry blossom trees. She lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and is dancing here to “Cheeba Cheeba (Instrumental)” by Madlib, which you can download your very own copy of over on iTunes.

Indian Outpost: Hoop Dancing with Lainey Be

Lainey Be hooping Lainey Be, otherwise known as Lainey Buchignani, ventured out with her puppy named Saint for a hooping session at an abandoned Native gas station, then turned it into a gorgeous video to share. Lainey’s elegant hoop dance combined with the scenery and blue skies behind her make for quite the lovely viewing experience. She lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and the soundtrack for this is the “Lemonade (Radio Edit)” by CocoRosie, and you can be sure to find a copy of it for your own collection over on iTunes.

Weave to Escalator Combo with Jessica Hazleton

EuphoricDrop Check out this cool hooping tutorial for a Weave to Escalator Combo with Jessica Hazleton. This combo is perfect for all of those escalator enthusiasts, or even those just now getting them down. Jessica gives us a step by step breakdown along with slow motion and real time views. She’s currently living in Stanwood, Washington, USA, and the soundtrack to this is “Traffic in The Sky” by Jack Johnson, which can be easily purchased and added to your own collection on iTunes.