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Autumn Hooping with Amy Hoopsalot

Amy Hoopsalot spins it up surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves at Shenandoah National Park in Front Royal, Virginia, USA. Love it! Photo by James Peoples.


The Donaghy Sisters Spin Through Montana

The Donaghy sisters are at it again! The fun loving family loves traveling with their hoops and this trip is no exception as Erin Donaghy and sister Caitlin Donaghy of Caitlin Loves Hoops show...

Dogtown Hoop Mafia

Dogtown Hoop Mafia Spin Spiral 10

The Dogtown Hoop Mafia recently spun up an electrifying performance at Spiral 10 at the Dogtown Dance Theatre. Athena Hoops, Catherine Loredo Sullivan and Hooping.org’s very own Natalie Kane show the audience just what...

Gratitude Hooping

Gratitude Hooping with Tally Marx

Tally Marx certainly knows what gratitude is all about and she spins enough up to share with the rest of us after spending some time in the hospital. In her kitchen at home and...

amy hoopsalot

Amy Hoopsalot Spins with the Sunflowers

Amy Hoopsalot spins her hoop next to a field of beautiful sunflowers at McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Poolsville, Maryland, USA. She lives in McLean, Virginia, USA. Photo by James Peoples.

Natalie Kane

LED Hooping with Natalie Kane

Natalie Kane spins up the lights with her LED hoop at the Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Photo by Ben Muri Film & Photography.

JJ Hula

Hula Hooping with JJ Hula

JJ Hula, aka James Frederickson, is back with a new hoop dance video that is sure to put a spring in your step and a grin on your face. He serves it up fresh...

Hanna StellaBlue Lambert

Hooping with ‎Hanna StellaBlue Lambert

‎Hanna StellaBlue Lambert leaps into her hoop in one of the most beautifully surreal photos we’ve seen in quite awhile. Stunning! She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA, and this amazing photo was shot by...

Tilly Whirls

Hoop Dancing with Tilly Whirls

Tilly Whirls, otherwise known as Leslie Perales Loges, spins up a hoop dance that is sure to spin your day just right. She says, “Was feeling funky and trying to push myself to include...

Ally Bourne Hooping

Ally Bourne

Check out this beautiful new demo video featuring hoop dancer Ally Bourne. There are some absolutely gorgeous shots of her hooping in an outdoor park both as she spins it up with both single...

Brittany Sweeney

Brittany Sweeney

Brittany Sweeney spins up a beautiful view in her hoop in New Market, Virginia, USA. Photo by Jeremy Everitt.