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JJ Hula Hoops for the Applause

JJ Hula Compilation Video

JJ Hula, aka James Frederickson, has been laying low for awhile, but he’s back with a new video highlighting his favorite hooping moments from the past 3 years. Included are clips from performances, practices, and unreleased projects that truly show off…

Dogtown Hoop Mafia

Dogtown Hoop Mafia hoops

It’s a family affair for the Dogtown Hoop Mafia, an up and coming hoop dance troupe in Virginia. With raw talent, fluid collaboration, and boundless passion, they intend to revolutionize the way the world sees hoop dance and with a…

Barbara Frost

Barbara Frost

Barbara Frost spins a beautiful purple cirle with her LED hoop. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Photo by Rich Tarbell.

Laura Flutterby Napky


Laura Flutterby Napky spins her LED Hoops during a performance at the InLight Richmond 2013 arts extravaganza. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Photo by Dave Parrish Photography.

The Return of Rachel Frantz

Rachel "Rae" Frantz Rachel “Rae” Frantz, aka Paris Frantz, is back after a three year hoop video hiatus and it’s great seeing her again! With a much welcomed free style hoop dance video, check her out as she is “going wild”, as she puts it, in a lecture hall provided to her by Radford University, where she is going to school as a fashion design major these days. Maybe you remember her from when she was hooping on the Ellen Degeneres show in 2010 too, and if you don’t it’s time you get to know her. Rae is currently living in Radford, Virginia, USA, and her soundtrack here is titled “We Own The Night” by The Wanted and it’s available on iTunes.

Hooping: The Subculture of Hoopers

Hooping Subculture FEAT

Here’s a really cool sneak peek into the hooping subculture in Richmond, Virginia, USA. This mini documentary-style short from Brittany Bell features hoopers Stacey Firefly, Emily Miller, Russell Harris, and Scarlet Starlet discussing what hooping is, why they love it, how…

JJ Hula

JJ Hula

http://youtu.be/ADaRYv-IzoI What’s better on a hot summer day than spending some quality time with your hoop and a frosty beverage? JJ Hula, aka James Fredrickson, scores himself a Frappuccino and takes us out for a big spin – or as…

JJ Hula: Morning Practice

JJ Hula

One of the greatest gifts you get when you follow a particular hooper is getting to see them evolve and mature in their art. JJ Hula, aka James Fredrickson, gifts us with something a little different from what he normally…

Adawg and Dinah Myte

Adawg and Dinah Myte

It’s been a year since we’ve had Aaron “Adawg” White and Dinah Myte grace our page, but here they are again, back in the circle and both hooping it up. Dinah was a super fun part of our second season…