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The Sweep Fold Smear with Donna Sparx

Donna Sparx

Are you feeling like learning something new? Good, because Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, is here with a brand new tutorial that is great for hoopers at any level in their hooping journey. She’s here…

Let’s Learn Knee Breaks with Deanne Love

DeanneLove Are you ready to learn how to add a little extra pizzazz to your leg hooping? Well, Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here to show us how with a new tutorial teaching us how to do “Knee Breaks”. She does an amazing job breaking it down for us too, as always. Give it a watch and you’ll probably see why she won the 2014 Hoopie Award for Instructor of the Year. Why not give it a spin for yourself? Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.