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Hula Hooping Through Your Pregnancy

pregnancy7 by Lilea Duran

I started my first pregnancy as so many new moms do, nervous, reading baby books and taking prenatal yoga classes, but I wanted something more! I wanted to move! Dance! Feel like myself again! Though I first picked up a hula hoop when I was 23-years-old, it wasn’t until my first pregnancy two full years later that my hooping journey really began. After talking with my midwife and doctor about it, I started hooping and found a whole new way of exercising through pregnancy, connecting with my growing baby, and staying in touch with myself through my life’s biggest change Ever. Fast forward four years later and hooping has not only helped me now through two pregnancies, but I know keeping hooping in my life has helped me be the best parent I can be to my two children.

When it comes to hooping through pregnancy, I’ve discovered over the years that there are some misconceptions out there that really need to be addressed. That’s why I got in touch with several inspiring hooping mamas in our community and asked them to share their journey and advice on hooping through pregnancy. Here is what they had to say:

Selling Out

hoops sold by Philo Hagen

Earlier this week one of the responses to our Hula Hooping Brides of Beverly Hills story came as quite a surprise. A comment regarding a more famous hooper and her husband-to-be appearing on the show read, “WOW! Talk about selling out! This is [sic] show is the ABSOLUTE worst. The only reason I could of [sic] someone of her caliber to be on the show is to further her career. So sad.” Seriously? A hoop performer and her husband are asked to appear on a reality television wedding show and she gets called a ‘Sell Out’ for it? It’s had us wondering what exactly is selling out when it comes to hooping anyway? How does one actually go about doing it, and is it bad if you do? And if so, for whom? With these questions spinning around here at Hooping.org over the last couple of days, I’ve decided to take a closer look.