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Janelle Smith Wilfong

Janelle Smith Wilfong

Janelle Smith Wilfong of Janetics Ink rolls her hoop wide even in the snow. It’s a self portrait too. She lives in Proctorsville, Vermont, USA.

Leila Smith Hooping

Marya Casey: Go With The Flow

Do you want to know more about hooping and chakras can relate to each other? Here’s a visual representation. Marya Casey spins up some serious energy...


Centered in the Circle

by guest writer Nicole Haley Last night I started re-reading Muriel Barbery’s, The Elegance of the Hedgehog. One of the two central protagonists in the...

Lia Withy beach hooping

Lia Withy

A beautiful sunset, lake and a hooper on board! That’s Lia Withy spinning her hoops on a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board at lake Champlain...


Janelle Smith Wilfong

Janelle Smith Wilfong recently moved north with her young family from Charleston, South Carolina to Proctorsville, Vermont, USA. She is the creative spark behind Janetics Ink.

Henna and Hoops

Henna and Hoops

Ivy Sienkiewycz of Fairy Ring Hoops spins up her hooping with some beautiful henna on her hand in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Photo and Henna by...

JSC Spring Hoop Dance

Came Out of a Lady

At the Johnson State College Spring Dance Show attendees were in for a treat when eleven lovely ladies took to the stage to dance and...