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Big Autumn Hooping with Judson Kimble

Judson Kimble Some hoopers like their hoops little and some hoopers like ’em big. They don’t, however, really get too much bigger than this. Judson Kimble of JudsonKimble.com recently made a 7 foot hoop and he took outside, which is probably the only place with enough room to give it a spin and shows the hoop world what big autumn hooping is all about. We love the autumn landscape colors in this too. He lives in Essex Center, Vermont, USA. The soundtrack here is the beautiful sounds of the great outdoors.

Hoop Dancing with Janelle Smith Wilfong

JanelleSmithWilfong Janelle Smith Wilfong of Janetics Ink spins up a treat with her fun and happy early morning hoop dance. She gives us nothing but flow, sunshine and smiles which is something we all love to see. Janelle is currently living in Proctorsville, Vermont, USA, and the soundtrack for this is unknown, so if you know the name of this tune please share it with the rest of us. Thanks.

Marya Casey: Go With The Flow

Leila Smith Hooping

Do you want to know more about hooping and chakras can relate to each other? Here’s a visual representation. Marya Casey spins up some serious energy in this piece that shows us the 7 different chakras of the human body –…

Centered in the Circle


by guest writer Nicole Haley Last night I started re-reading Muriel Barbery’s, The Elegance of the Hedgehog. One of the two central protagonists in the book is an extremely intelligent and incredibly disillusioned 12-year-old girl named Paloma. Paloma is surrounded…

Lia Withy

Lia Withy beach hooping

A beautiful sunset, lake and a hooper on board! That’s Lia Withy spinning her hoops on a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board at lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Photo by Pippa Hippa Hoops.

Janelle Smith Wilfong


Janelle Smith Wilfong recently moved north with her young family from Charleston, South Carolina to Proctorsville, Vermont, USA. She is the creative spark behind Janetics Ink.