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Marya Casey: Go With The Flow

Leila Smith Hooping

Do you want to know more about hooping and chakras can relate to each other? Here’s a visual representation. Marya Casey spins up some serious energy in this piece that shows us the 7 different chakras of the human body –…

Lia Withy

Lia Withy beach hooping

A beautiful sunset, lake and a hooper on board! That’s Lia Withy spinning her hoops on a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board at lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Photo by Pippa Hippa Hoops.

Henna and Hoops

Henna and Hoops

Ivy Sienkiewycz of Fairy Ring Hoops spins up her hooping with some beautiful henna on her hand in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Photo and Henna by Bridgette Bartlette of Maple Mehndi.

Came Out of a Lady

JSC Spring Hoop Dance

At the Johnson State College Spring Dance Show attendees were in for a treat when eleven lovely ladies took to the stage to dance and hoop and hoop dance their way into our hearts. A performance most certainly worthy of…

Fairy Hooping in the Snow

Andie Asacker of Hula Laa Hooping braves the snow and the cold temperatures of Vermont to show us her beautiful snow fairy hooping, but you wouldn’t know it by her smile and what she is wearing. Her winter makeup was…

Hooping Tutorial: From Waist to Lasso

Are you new to hooping? Even if you aren’t, Andie of Hula-laa Hooping’s instruction on how to take the hoop from spinning on your waist to spinning it up and above your head – or “Lasso” – is excellent. She…

Hoops Come in All Sizes

Hoops come in all sizes and Andie of Hula-laa Hooping shows us she can dance with them all. Filmed at beautiful Lake Champlain. She lives in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Soundtrack: “Red Lights” by Holy F*** (on iTunes). A Hooping.org Video…

Laura Friedland

A great shot of Laura Friedland hooping by a waterfall. She lives in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Photo by Alec Kehrhahn. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.