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UVM Hoop Troop Seniors Perform

UVM Hoop Troop Seniors The senior class members of the UVM Hoop Troop at the University of Vermont perform in the Fall 2012 Orchesis Showcase and it’s not something to be missed. The UVM Hoop Dancing Club, which was started six years ago by Mona Shpongledhoops when she was a student at UVM, has spawned some truly amazing hoopers including Sam Resnicow. He performs here along with fellow seniors Alexa Algios, Nicole Peruso and Rose Vallesio and all we can say is “Wow!” Their performance soundtrack is “Hoola Hoop” by will.i.am featuring Nicole Scherzinger and they’re all currently living in Burlington, Vermont, USA. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Hooping Idol 2 Welcomes Sam Resnicow

Sam Resnicow

Sam Resnicow

[Our Hooper of the Week is Sam Resnicow and he’s also a special guest judge this week on Hooping Idol.]

by Philo Hagen

Last year Sam Resnicow spun his way into the hearts and minds of hoopers everywhere on our first season of Hooping Idol, capturing the top spot in the public vote for more weeks of the contest than anybody else. Now Sam is returning to Hooping Idol, only this time around he’s one of our judges because nobody understands what it is like to be in Hooping Idol better than someone who has been there before. While we all have to wait until tomorrow to see what he has to say to the top seven finalists during Performance Week on Hooping Idol, we’ve been curious to find out what he’s been up to, what’s coming for Sam in the future and how the whole Idol experience is sitting with him a year later. Find out for yourself when we interview our Hooper of the Week – Sam Resnicow.

Hoopapalooza Gives Back This Weekend

Hoopapalooza: Burlington Hula Hoop Event Hoopapalooza, Burlington Rotary Club’s signature fundraising event, is scheduled for this Saturday at City Hall Park. The 3rd annual event held in Burlington, Vermont, has been capitalizing on the popularity of hooping in the city to help the community at large. This weekend they’re raising $45,000 for the “Gateway to Burlington” project – an effort to beautify Edmunds School. Hoopers of all ages are invited to participate in the event and five-member teams will be hooping to music for three to four minutes and then they will be judged on talent, creativity, costumes, hoop decoration, difficulty and poise. Prizes will be awarded. Joe McGowan, Burlington Rotary Club’s service director, told the Burlington Free Press, “Some people dress up; some teams stand in a circle and hula hoop to the music; and other teams will have hula hoops around their arms and necks and will have a choreographed performance.” Burlington, for those who don’t know, is the home of the prestigious UVM Hoop Dancing Club at the University of Vermont which has spawned such hoopers as Mona Qa and Sam Resnicow. Wanna get in on it? You can register here. Larry Brett’s Jukebox will be providing entertainment along with the University of Vermont Hula Hoop Team.

UVM Hoop Dancing Club Spins It Up

the team What’s the featured club of the week at the University of Vermont? The UVM Hoop Dancing Club, of course. “The club was started five years ago by a student, Mona Qa,” coach Sam Resnicow told The Cynic. Practices for the club team last 90 minutes and the fusion between dancing and hula hooping “creates a unique dynamic that is rarely seen in dance performances. With distinct precision, hoop dancers become alive as they twirl and move almost as a single entity with their hoop. This unique precision creates a vivid performance, one Resnicow himself is well-known for. “There is a competition called Hooping Idol. It is international and completely online, based on weekly video submissions that are themed,” he told the paper. “I participated in that competition last year and placed second in the world.” Why should students join the club? “We’re an incredibly nice group who like to jam out with hoops and incorporate new tricks that are much more than just spinning a hoop around your waist. Knee-hooping, elbow-hooping, head-hooping, multi-hooping, we do it all.” While the UVM hoop team does not participate in any formal performances, the Burlington, Vermont, hoop troop does participate in after-school programs with King Street Youth Program, performs in the Orchesis Showcase and participates with the Catamount Dance Crew.