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Piers van Looy

PiersVanLooy Are you ready to get a new hoop crush? Then check out Piers van Looy of Van Loop Media & Performance who is making his hooping.org debut here with this fun and fresh hoop dance that captivated us from start to finish. His energetic and fast paced flow proves he’s definitely one to keep your eye on in the future. Piers lives in Southend-on-Sea, England, UK, and the soundtrack is called “High You Are (Branchez Remix)” by What So Not and it’s available on iTunes.

Hula Hoop and Cyr Wheel with Charlie Ledger

CharlieLedger Cyr wheels aren’t hula hoops, so please don’t share them with us thinking that they are. That being said, Charlie Ledger of Seduced By Circus really wows us with this video of her amazing hooping skills and cyr wheel flow! This awesome combination showcasing her multiple talents proves that she’s great with circles, no matter how large or small. Charlie currently lives in Sheffield, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this video is “Why Don’t You (Radio Edit)” by Gramophonedzie and you can get a copy of it for yourself over on iTunes.

Nick Broyd Spins It Up!

Nick Broyd Hooping Nick Broyd of of NickBroyd.co.uk is at it again, silver hula hoops and all! Hooping.org’s first Hooping Idol took the time to share some beautiful autumn flow with the community. His one and two hoop tech is very impressive here, as always, and so his very fancy foot work. Nick lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this is a song called “The Drop” by The Nextmen and Joe Dukie and you can find a copy of it for your own hooping collection on iTunes.

Let’s Learn Shoulder Breaks with Amy HoopLovin!

Hooping with Amy Hooplovin Amy “HoopLovin” Guerrier of HoopLovin is back on hooping.org, this time with a new tutorial on how to do “Shoulder Breaks”. She breaks down the steps to spin them up too with clear directions that includes helpful tips written for you to see on the screen. We love how structured and easy to follow this tutorial is, and best of all, it comes with some fancy flourishes at the end for a good challenge. Currently traveling in Australia, she’sbased out of the UK.

Ruby Raven’s Hooping Tricks and Treats

Ruby Raven Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,Ruby Raven spun up a Hooping.org debut that is anything but. Giving us a glimpse of hooping treats and trickery, it’s all entangled with locations and costumes that are as captivating as she is to watch. The footage was captured by Arron Leppard and edited by Eoghan Synnott. Miss Ruby Raven lives in London, England, UK, and the Soundtrack to this is called “Iron” by Woodkid and it can be easily found and added to your own music collection over on iTunes.

Let’s Thread The Needle with Emma Kenna

EmmaKennaHooping Do you feel like working on some twin hooping skills? Great, because we’ve got a new tutorial to share with you that is going to do just that. Emma Kenna of Hooping Mad is here to teach all of us a move that is most commonly known as “Thread The Needle”. In her latest tutorial she really breaks it down for us too with a pink and green hoop, taking it to a level that most anyone can understand just how it’s done. So why not go ahead and give it a spin? This tutorial was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Emma is based out of Bristol, England, UK.