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Check Out the Very First Welsh Hoop Convention

Welsh Hoop Convention Ellie (Elliecoptor) Pilott of Ellicoptor Hoops and Esther Fuge of NoFit State Circus recently hosted the first ever Welsh Hoop Convention in Cardiff, Wales, UK. A day long intensive of hooping workshops with instructors including Lisa Lottie, Miss Polly Hoops and more, this video gives all of us a glimpse into the happenings at WHoopC, and some beautiful insight into the hooping community in Wales.

Throw into Reverse Escalator with Gail O’Brien

Throw Into Reverse Escalator with Gail O'Brien Gail O’Brien of HoopSpin, our 2015 Instructor of the Year, is here with a new hooping tutorial for a “Throw into Reverse Escalator” and it’s a cool spin on a popular move. Don’t forget to the left lift while working on this too. As Gail explains, “If I don’t it kind of just slides to the floor.” Give this move a spin and have fun with it. Filmed in Bali by Morgan Jenkins of Hooptown Hotties, Gail is currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

Hula Hooping in Silhouette with Bethany Ramm

Bethany Ramm hooping You can find hoop dancer Bethany Ramm hula hooping until the sun sets in this lovely video made by Anna-Marie Ramm. Bethany’s silhouette looks quite beautiful against the backdrop of the countryside and she really dazzles when she gets all five of those hoops going at once! Bethany lives in Brighton, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is by Bensound and you can download it directly on Bensound’s website.

The Space Ship Hula Cam by Benjamin Trundles

TrundlesSpaceship Go Pro Hula Cams have been a big hit in hooping videos for a couple of years, although they usually feature the fetching lady types. Check out Benjamin Trundles’ unique spin on the Go Pro hula hoop video with his spectacular spaceship creation! Watching this will launch you into adventure following this little green vessel on it’s orbital path of the hoop encircling Benjamin’s body, and racing through the streets of London. Benjamin currently lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is “Spaceship” – from the opera “Einstein on the Beach” by Philip Glass and you can find your copy over on iTunes.

Kat Collett’s New Fire Hooping Demo

Kat Collett hooping Kat Collett’s new fire hooping promo video is sure heating things up and making sparks fly! This short but sweet 90 second wonder show cases her spinning up not just one, or two, but three fire hoops as if it were no big deal. There’s also a special surprise and we’ll give you a hint: there’s fireworks involved! Kat lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is “Reet Petite” by Jackie Wilson, and it’s available for you to download for your own collection on iTunes.