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Ruby Raven

Ruby Raven’s Hooping Tricks and Treats

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,Ruby Raven spun up a Hooping.org debut that is anything but. Giving us a glimpse of hooping treats and trickery, it’s all entangled with...

Chanti Hobbit hooping

Hobbit Hoop with Chanti Hobbit

Chanti Hobbit has been working hard on a piece she calls “Hobbit Hoop” and we’re happy to have her back on the site. This is an amazing combination of acrobatics and hoop dance using...


Hooping It Up with Alice Rose

Lets get funky with Alice Rose of Hoop Shaker, our 2014 Newbie Hooper of the Year. She spins up something that is simply captivating with this, showcasing bountiful moves in the studio with rhythm...


Some Lovely Hooping with HoopAmalie

We love this fun and lovely hoop dance with HoopAmalie, otherwise known as Sarah Burgess. Watch as she spins up wedgies, isolations and some smiles in this, her hooping.org debut. Sarah currently living in Burton,...

Star Mystique

Hula Hooping with Star Mystique

Star Mystique, otherwise known as Gina Steliana, makes her Hooping.org debut all the way from the Isle of Wight. She gets her hoop on with multiple hula hoops and nails some super sweet tricks...

Penella Bee hoops in urban style with a colorful graffiti background

Hip Hop Hooping with Penella Bee

Penella Bee of Bee Enchanted and The Fire Girls makes a mark on the urban landscape with her hip hop hoop style. She’s a hooper and a hip hop dancer and choreographer living in...

Hoola Nation

Extreme Hooping Up Mount Snowdon

by Rachel Conlisk Have you ever climbed a mountain? It’s challenging. Now picture climbing that mountain while hula hooping. That’s the story of five hooping instructors, each of them an extreme hooping enthusiast dedicated...

Hooping with Nanna Lay

Hooping It Up with Nanna Lay

Nanna Lay, a grandmother from Beccles, England, UK, organized a hula hoop marathon to raise awareness for the ‘target scanner’ at Norfolk and Norwich hospital. The 16 hour marathon had more than 80 people...

Ellie Hoops

Magical Forest Hooping with Ellie Hoops

Ellie Hoops of Sheefa Hoops, otherwise known as Ginger Delicious, spins up a little magic with her hoop in the forest in Somerset, England, UK. Photo by Paul Roylance, aka the Melancholy Rhino.