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Philosokitty’s Hooping Idol 5 Blooper Reel

PhilosokittyBlooperVid With the Hooping Idol 5 season finale coming next week, Philosokitty from Hooping Idol 5 has whipped up this behind the scenes video montage of blooper moments from her run on Hooping Idol. Revisit silly scenes and outtakes from her New Wave, Disney, and Pop-Music week submissions. She reminds us that even when dropping the hoop and making mistakes, we are always learning and progressing and all of the contestants this year are saying they’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Philosokitty lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is a song called “Antenna” by Bonobo, which you can score a copy of quite easily over on iTunes.

Hooping Mom Lisa Sampson Spins Britain’s Got Talent

LisaSampson Britain's Got Talent BGT by Philo Hagen

Britain’s Got Talent’s latest hopeful is none other than Lisa Sampson of Boogie Hoops, and she even spun a big smile onto Simon Cowell’s face. The 35-year-old self-taught hula hoop instructor and mother of three from West Sussex, England, UK, impressed everybody with her energetic, multi-hula hoop routine, and scored herself a standing ovation from everyone in the auditorium, including all four of the judges. I caught up with Lisa to find out more about her and more about her Britain’s Got Talent experience so far.

Philo: Congratulations Lisa! When did you fist start hooping and how?

Lisa: I started hula hooping in 2012 after taking my children to a circus workshop. I fancied trying it so I started to teach myself from YouTube and I became hooked.

Philo: What does your hooping life normally look like?

Lisa: My hooping life and being a mum of three children is extremely busy. After I take my children to school I come home and practice every day. I have broken lots of items in my house while learning, so now I take everything out of the front room to practice.

Throw into Reverse Escalator with Gail O’Brien

Throw Into Reverse Escalator with Gail O'Brien Gail O’Brien of HoopSpin, our 2015 Instructor of the Year, is here with a new hooping tutorial for a “Throw into Reverse Escalator” and it’s a cool spin on a popular move. Don’t forget to the left lift while working on this too. As Gail explains, “If I don’t it kind of just slides to the floor.” Give this move a spin and have fun with it. Filmed in Bali by Morgan Jenkins of Hooptown Hotties, Gail is currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

Hula Hooping in Silhouette with Bethany Ramm

Bethany Ramm hooping You can find hoop dancer Bethany Ramm hula hooping until the sun sets in this lovely video made by Anna-Marie Ramm. Bethany’s silhouette looks quite beautiful against the backdrop of the countryside and she really dazzles when she gets all five of those hoops going at once! Bethany lives in Brighton, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is by Bensound and you can download it directly on Bensound’s website.

Kat Collett’s New Fire Hooping Demo

Kat Collett hooping Kat Collett’s new fire hooping promo video is sure heating things up and making sparks fly! This short but sweet 90 second wonder show cases her spinning up not just one, or two, but three fire hoops as if it were no big deal. There’s also a special surprise and we’ll give you a hint: there’s fireworks involved! Kat lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is “Reet Petite” by Jackie Wilson, and it’s available for you to download for your own collection on iTunes.

Derelict Hula Hooping with Lisa Ellipse

Hooping Derelict Last year’s Hooping Idol 4 finalist Lisa Ellipse tears it up in her newest hoop dance video with a grungy flavor. She is here to enthrall you with her radical flow and cutting-edge multiple hoop tech, doing it all in an abandoned building without even breaking a sweat. Video by Jon Pitman. Lisa currently lives in London, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this is “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” by Ellie Goulding and you can your copy of it over on iTunes.

Ji Young Lee Knocks Our Socks Off

Ji Young Ji Young Lee, aka Philosokitty, is back and stunning us with her latest video. She’s been experimenting with different ideas, moves and techniques with particular focus on her escalator and wedgie variations. Her vibrant hoops and hair, speedy tricks and transitions and fluttering hoop flourishes made our jaws drop, having to hit replay on this one. Ji Young lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this is “The Way” by Ariana Grade, which you can download a copy of for your own collection on iTunes.

Fire Hooping with Alice Rose

alicerosefire Alice Rose, our 2014 Newbie Hooper of the Year, is back owith a sizzling fire hooping performance. She shows no fear as she flows with confidence, breaking, paddling, and rocking her fire hoop all around her body. It’s great to see her spinning stronger. She’s fierce and passionate, all while having fun. Video by Surrealflix. Alice is currently lives in London, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this is “Freedom” by Diego Torres ft. Charline, and it can be downloaded over on SoundCloud.

Twirled with Jaya Fire

Jaya Fire Jaya Fire, aka Jenni Kettles, makes her hooping.org debut in this wave crashing video, filmed and edited by Arun Maroon. While barefoot hoop dancing along the shoreline, Jenni reminds us in silhouette that spring is just around the corner. She also shows how mesmerizing on-body hooping can really be, all the while making her chest hooping, vertical hooping, and the shoulder duck outs she mixes into her beautiful hoop dance seem effortless. Jenni is currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is called “Just Walk Away (featuring Farisha)” by Serotoxin, which can be downloaded for your own music collection over on itunes.

When My Hoop Crush Became My Hoop Monster

When My Hoop Crush Became My Hoop Monster by Sophie Febrey

Last week I sat and watched a small mountain of hooping videos made by some truly incredible hoopers. Videos like these are almost always amazingly inspirational, and normally leave me spinning up ideas of my own. But on this particular day, instead of coming away with a head full of ingenuity and vision, I felt terrible. You see, the whole way through I had been comparing myself to them, mentally analysing my style and measuring it against theirs. As far as I was concerned, my hooping was nowhere near as full of flow, grace, excitement or innovation. In fact, I was becoming convinced I shouldn’t be allowed to ever hoop again.

I think we’ve all experienced this, to some extent or other. You see someone that is spinning up something amazing – and then the green eyed monster appears. He hides behind the corner of other people’s success, then his friend Guilt comes and taps us on the shoulder, reminding us that we’ve managed to take something beautiful and turn it into something negative. The guilt gets worse when we consider what other people might think of us if they knew what we had been contemplating, because after all – I’m a really nice person! Hoopers are nice people. We’re a very nice community. And it seems that although jealousy is a shared monster most of us have met, it’s not something really acceptable to talk to about. So what did I do when my hoop crush became my hoop monster?