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Hooping It Up with Alice Rose

Lets get funky with Alice Rose of Hoop Shaker, our 2014 Newbie Hooper of the Year. She spins up something that is simply captivating with this, showcasing bountiful moves in the studio with rhythm...

Ellie Hoops

Magical Forest Hooping with Ellie Hoops

Ellie Hoops of Sheefa Hoops, otherwise known as Ginger Delicious, spins up a little magic with her hoop in the forest in Somerset, England, UK. Photo by Paul Roylance, aka the Melancholy Rhino.

Tanya Oxbury

Hilltop Hooping with Tanya Oxbury

Tanya Oxbury, otherwise known as Little T of The Fire Girls, gives us a taste of her artistic flow with the English countryside as her backdrop. Filmed in Buttermere, Cumbria, England, with the help of...

Pajmoon hooping

Sci Fi Hula Hooping with Pajmoon

Pajmoon Moon brings us what she describes as “sci fi inspired hula hooping” in this creative hooping video that she’s super psyched about. She says, “Really enjoyed editing this, took awhile, but loved every...

Jo Mondy

Butterfly Hinges with Jo Mondy

Do you like to spin up some fun with twin hoops? Jo Mondy of Live Love Hoop is back to teach us a plethora of variations on a double hooping move she’s calling the...

Ollie Hoops Hooping

Island Hooping

Hooper Ollie Hoops is sixteen years old and has been hula hooping for almost 2 years. Watch as she shows off what she’s learned in front of a beautiful backdrop of the ocean and...

Hannah Flett

Hannah Flett’s New Hula Hoop Show Reel

Hannah Flett of HoopingHannah.com, the winner of our second season of Hooping Idol, has spun up a new show reel using footage filmed at the 2014 British Juggling Convention. We love watching Hannah do...

Jana Roberts

Jana Roberts and her Hula Hoops

Jana Roberts spins her hula hoops during a circus performance with Mr Fips Wonder Circus in Stafford, England, UK. Photo by Steve / SJM_1974.

Sharna Rose

Hooping It Up with Sharna Rose

Hooping Idol 4 judge Sharna Rose of Inner Spin is here to spin up all sorts of hoopiness with her latest video, her first multi-scene outdoor hooping adventure in a long time and it’s...