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The Escalator with Rachael Lust

Rachael LustRachael Lust of RachaelLust.com is here with a brand new hooping tutorial for you, and what will she be teaching us today? Well, it’s a pretty cool move called “The Escalator” and what’s so cool about it is even if you’re brand new to hooping, with a little coordination and practice you can learn this one – and it’s got a wow factor light years beyond it’s simplicity. Pick up this trick and you’ll be dazzling your friends in no time. Rachael lives in Marion, Ohio, USA.

The Leg Fold with Yanna Lockwood

Leg Fold Yanna Lockwood makes her Hooping.org debut with her brand new tutorial for a move she likes to call “The Leg Fold”. This trick utilizes an around the body pass as well as the helicopter and folding which when combined sure looks super fancy! “This move works best with small hoops,” Yanna explains, but you’re welcome to give it a spin with a hoop of any size. She lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and the soundtrack used for this is the “Younger (Kygo Remix)” from Seinabo Sey and it can be purchased for your own hoop jam over on iTunes.

Hoop Tosses for Beginners with Katherine Aurora Callahan

Katherine Aurora Callahan hooping Let’s get saucy with our hoops and learn four hoop toss moves with Katherine Aurora Callahan of The Hoopy Family. This tutorial, designed for beginners, is also part of her “Dancing with Public Art Video Series” and the piece behind her is by SKIE, but don’t get distracted by the awesomely colorful artwork and learn some tosses that are fun, relatively easy and really add some wow to your hooping. You’ll be nailing them in no time! Katherine lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Living Proof” by Cat Power and you find your copy on iTunes.

Hoop Folding For Beginners with Katherine Aurora Callahan

Hoopy Katherine Aurora Callahan of The Hoopy Family is here with a new tutorial to teach us all a beginner move known as “Folding” and some variations on it. She says, “You don’t even have to be able to spin the hoop around your waist in order to learn it. Hoop folding is a basic hoop dance technique, a great way to get started dancing with the hoop off your body. Works with any size hoop.” Katherine lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and the soundtracks for this are “Rainbow” by G. Love & Jack Johnson (on iTunes) and “In The Summertime” by Mungo Jerry (on iTunes).

Revolving Door Variations with Katherine Aurora Callahan

KatherineAuroraCallahan Katherine Aurora Callahan of The Hoopy Family is here with a new tutorial to teach us all a beginner move known as “The Revolving Door” – as well as some variations on it. She also gives some trouble shooting tips to help you figure out what you may not being doing quite right if you’ve been having difficulty with this. So give it a watch, and then give it a spin for yourself! Katherine lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Green Onions” by Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames.

The Leg Sweeping Wedgie with Merrily Spins

Merrily Spins Hooping Merrily Spins, otherwise known as Mari Cunningham, is having a birthday today and she came up with a variation on a typical wedgie move a couple years ago that she calls the Leg Sweeping Wedgie and she’s finally sharing how to do it with hoopers everywhere! Yay! This move consists of hooping on one leg then transitioning into, you guessed it, a wedgie. She compares the motion in this to the way the hoop comes out from your body as you’re doing a weave, except you’re using your leg instead. Happy Birthday Mari! She lives in Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA.

Hand Spins with Louisa Hula

Louisa Hula In this tutorial Louisa Hula walks us through several hand spin variations that you won’t want to miss. She demonstrates each trick with close up shots and written instructions too and even teaches the move in both directions. She covers everything from the basic hand spin (horizontal and vertical), to hand spins with twins, Z-spins, a move she calls the “winding up” technique, all the way through one-handed helicopters or circus orbitals too. So grab your hoops and give them a try! Louisa lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

The Wedgie Pick Up with Jo Mondy

The Wedgie Pick Up Jo Mondy of Live Love Hoop is here to teach us a move that she calls “The Wedgie Pick Up.” She says that it’s “an intermediate/advanced move to pick up the hoop from the ground in a super awesome wedgie way!” She shows us how it’s done and then she breaks it down in slow motion so that we can really see exactly how it’s done too, with part one focusing on The Pick Up, and part two all about The Wedgie. Jo lives in Brighton, England, UK.

Chest Hooping with Bunny Hoop Star

Bunny Hoop StarHow’s your chest hooping? Need some help figuring it out or getting better at it? Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire is here to teach us how to control the hoop spinning on our chest in one of her “Hoop School Online” tutorials. In this lesson, she demonstrates her technique on how to get started hooping on one of the most challenging areas of the body, and gives us some super tips for making it happen and keeping it going. Bunny Hoop Star is from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The Infinity Toss

Tiana ZoumerTiana Zoumer is here to teach us the Infinity Toss, one of her signature moves that she developed through a deep determination to comfortably let go of her hoop…over and over again! She says, “Tosses are a beautiful way to practice release while maintaining a fluid and graceful connection, to guide momentum in a way which demonstrates precise control. In theory, this toss never has to end, hence, the infinity toss.” Tiana lives in Oakland, California, USA.