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Hooping by the Tracks with Anna Meilman

Anna Meilman Anna Meilman of Cirque Roots entertains us with this fun performance inside and outside. As the Pacific Railway box car trains roll past in the background, Anna hoops her little heart out with a single hoop and then with some twins. The indoor scenes are particularly cute and we love the final outdoor flow where she pantomimes her hoop stuck in mid air. Anna is from Tucson, Arizona, USA, and the fun soundtrack is “40 Oz. Symphony” by Young Mozart and you can download your very own copy on iTunes.

Santa and Mrs Claus Have a Hoop Jam

Santa Claus Hula Hoops It’s Christmas Eve and before Santa heads out to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys around the world, he and Mrs. Claus take time out for a little hoopjam – and maybe some hanky panky. We’re not sure, but Santa clearly loves to hoop dance and Mrs. Claus sure seems to enjoy her minis. Applause to Stella SpinsB of Orbital Evolution, aka Brittany Briley, and DJ Joshua Pocalips for making the holiday hooping magic happen. Our Christmas hoopers have opened up a circus inspired performance art space as well – Cirque Roots Studio and Productions – where they live in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The soundtrack is “Deck The Halls (Arranged by Carmen Dragon)” by the Southwestern Seminary Oratorio Chorus and it’s available on iTunes.

Southern Arizona Girl Scouts on a Hula Hoop Mission

Girl Scouts of Southern ArizonaThe Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona want to kick off the New Year with a unique service learning project. As part of the organization’s Healthy Lifestyle Initiative, the Girl Scouts have designed a program covering physical fitness, obesity prevention, and nutrition education all based around one item- the hula hoop! Now they’re out to collect over 100 hula hoops to bring to schools, parks, and community centers to get both youth and adults up and moving. The first hula hoop collection will kick off at the Girl Scouts second annual “Youth Take Action: A Day On, Not a Day Off” on January 16th to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. From January to April they’ll collect more hoops and host commmunity sessions where girls will learn about nutrition, healthy lifestyles and hula hooping. The project will culminate on Global Youth Service Day when they hope to set a World Record for the most people hula hooping at one time. Debbie Rich, Girl Scouts CEO, told the Tucson Citizen, “Many people may ask why the hula hoop? Hula hoops allow girls to use their imagination and creativity to come up with games of their own. Hooping also has numerous health benefits. It keeps the heart muscles fit, increases aerobic endurance, and is low impact so girls won’t risk injury. We can’t wait to kick off this effort and hope you join us!”

World Hoop Day 2011

World Hoop Day World Hoop Day 2011 brought hoopers together in cities and towns all over the world on Friday and throughout the weekend to spin things up in support of world peace, while raising funds to put hula hoops in the hands of needy kids around the globe. The special once-a-year celebration has become a truly International Holiday. World Hoop Day’s CEO, Hoopin’ Annie O’Keefe, told Hooping.org, “World Hoop Day 2011 was spectacular! It was our biggest event to date and we had more events happening in more cities and places than ever before. Thank you everyone for all of your love and support. Because you believe anything is possible, appreciation and gratitude are becoming the most important values of humanity. This community is making that happen!”

Making Hoops in Columbia, Missouri

Making Hoops in Columbia, Missouri

Around the planet hoopers were spinning hoops up in droves with events taking place this year on six continents! USA Today best selling author Kalayna Price shared World Hoop Day with her fans, while Britain’s Got Talent favorite Marawa the Amazing celebrated WHD by spinning 111 hoops for 11/11/11. Many celebrations this year included classes, as well as games and events specifically for children, while some included performance showcases.

Zyrko & Shinne both performed at Huladdicion’s World Hoop Day event in Mexico City, Mexico. Don’t miss it. Other noteworthy performances already online include Brandy & Keller’s, Krista and T-Rav’s and Luna Breeze’s in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as Laura Scarborough’s in Austin, Texas.


In Santa Cruz, California, hoopers celebrated World Hoop Day by doing the World Hoop Day Dance together – on the water – on Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boards. It’s a must see. Others who are already sharing their WHD celebrations online range from a Flash Mob in Boston, Massachusetts, to a celebration in Columbia, Missouri that scored some great press as well. Adult hoopers danced in Lynn, Massachusetts, while a crew of gifted kids delivered it in Marietta, Georgia.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Creative Kids Club and the Hooping Heroes Management Team presented World Hoop Day 2011 at the North Bowl Bowling Alley.

Other WHD celebrations now online were held in Portland, Oregon, in Raleigh, North Carolina with Team North Carolina from The Amazing Hoop Race, as well as in Salt Lake City, Utah, San Francisco, California, Spring, Texas, Springfield, New Jersey, Tucson, Arizona and Washington, DC.


Hoopers in Melbourne, Australia, got their World Hoop Day dance on.


Of all the World Hoop Day Dancers, Hooping.org tips our hats to Anastasia and Seryna, filmed here at Ida Anne Lake in Langford, British Columbia. Other Canadian hoopers who’ve already shared online celebrated WHD in Hasting, Ontario, as well as in Victoria, British Columbia.


In Brighton, England, World Hoop Day events included several flash mobs like the one above. Another event with fire performers was held in Portsmouth, England.


In Tampere, Finland, hoopers celebrated WHD 2011 by day indoors and by night under the stars with fire hooping. In Helsinki, Finland, hoopers were dancing for World Hoop Day as well.


Our hoop friends in Paris, France, celebrated World Hoop Day at the Eiffel Tower.


The first World Hoop Day celebration was held this year in Hamburg, Germany.


Hoopers celebrated World Hoop Day in Distrito Federal (Mexico City), Mexico.


Star and Tink dance on Japan’s largest sand dunes in Tottori, Japan.


It was a trance orient express World Hoop Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Of course, you didn’t need a crowd to celebrate World Hoop day. Perhaps you were like Meredith who celebrated with the beauty of New York City and the light of the moon. Another noteworthy solo celebration took place on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Hooping.org is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of World Hoop Day and to watch it grow every year with more and more people embracing the hoop. The more people hoop, the happier they are. The happier people are, the better our world is and whirling around the world, World Hoop Day Ambassadors of Peace give hoops away to children and families in need with gifts being donated all year long. And even though World Hoop Day is over for another year, you can still donate to this important cause and share the gift of play and joy and exercise by vistiting WorldHoopDay.org. Stay tuned for more World Hoop Day coverage tomorrow and the exciting finale of The Amazing Hoop Race, Hooping.org’s WHD inspired virtual hula hoop race around the world, on Wednesday.

Ghost Town Hooping

Ghost Town Hooping Bodie, California is a ghost town. Stu Jenks writes, “It’s an odd place, a spot on the planet where violent Capitalism occurred, where gold was carved from them there hills. I know too much to find it quaint. The dead Native People. The raped land. The mean streets. The greed in which greed is too small a word. This hoop dance was taken in front of the ruins of the James Stuart Cain house, The Big Boss’ house, a house where one of the California State Park rangers actually lives.” A half dozen rangers live in its ruins year round. We asked Stu how many people were hooping outside to be captured in his awesome photo and he told us, “Just me!” What did he think of Bodie overall? Stu said, “Bodie is a strange tourist trap if you ask me. But given the sad spirits that roams its streets, I had a delightful time shooting the place.” He lives in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Does Chest Hooping Cure Fibrocystic Breast Disease?

Kim Richards of Hooping in the Park in Tucson, Arizona, beleves chest hooping might be what is responsible for curing her benign breast cysts. “I would really like to start a discussion about this and get as many hoopers on board who have fibrocystic breast disease and or breast mass and water filled cysts to take note and share their results after having their mammograms.” Part of the reason for her wanting the larger discussion is that her doctor told her that as women approach and go through menopause, the fluids available to the breasts lessens so it would make sense that fibroids, masses and fluid filled cysts would eventually disappear. Kim believes chest hooping played a role, so she’s encouraging women in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s to participate in an informal study to see if chest hooping will in fact help fibroids, masses and fluid filled cysts vanish.

Tucson is Hooping in the Park

Kim Richards: Hooping in the Park With summer right around the corner, KVOA-TV in Tucson, Arizona, wants to get your body into bikini shape. What do they recommend to help you get there? Hooping! Kimberly Richards (pictured) has a hoop business called Hooping in the Park, telling the station that hooping is back and in full swing. “It’s a worldwide movement! Hoop dance is everywhere.” She also explained some major benefits of hooping including “abdominal muscle strength, upper strength, also down into your legs. Into your arms because we do a lot of off the body hooping.” Mindy Tenser, one of Richards’ students, explained that hooping has changed not only her body, but her life. “I could not get to the gym and [hooping] has been my moment to sanity. My stomach is flatter and tighter than it ever has been.” Video here.