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Circular Awakenings: Hoop Dance and our Higher Self

Circular Awakenings

“Circular Awakenings” by The Independents is a mini-documentary exploring the sacred connection between hoop dance and the ancient tradition of spinners & meditators. Filmed at the Sacred Circularities gathering in Bali, Indonesia, Erick Joseph and others discovered there was much…

Getting Ourselves Animated

get animated feat

by special guest blogger Johnathan Livingston Baxter Like so many others, the entrance of the hoop into my life has been a cataclysmic force that has, quite literally, broken me open. I wish I could say that once the first…

Hooping Through The Deep

Hooping Through The Deep

by Flavie Steelandt We all have experience in how difficult it is to face those dour moments. We have all had hard times where sadness, pain, anger or emptiness have astounded us in our lives. The feeling that we are…