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Frolicaholics Spin Stars on Niijima with Hoop Dancers

Frolicaholics This beautiful music video not only features hoops, melodica and xylophone, but also shows the beauty of the island of Niijima in Japan. The Frolicaholics are hoopers Kristen “Tink” McQuillin and Tod McQuillin, shown here performing at Guru-guru Camp with hoop dancers Sareh Sangsari, Akemi Kikuchi, Alice Carcilli and Harusa Kameyama. Video by Rob Moreno. The Frolicaholics live in Tokyo, Japan, and the during their Guru-guru Camp event and this track can be easily picked up on iTunes.

World Hoop Day Dance 2013

World Hoop Day Dance 2013 255 hoop dancers from 11 countries spun up 28 World Hoop Day performances, all brought together with choreography by Kristin “Tink” McQuillin of Spin Matsuri, and then merged by her into another exciting video of hoop dance unity from around the globe! Tink says, “Thanks to everyone who danced the WHD Dance choreography for 2013!” The participating cities that filmed their dance and got their video in on time this year include:

Asia & Oceania
1) Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 2) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 3) Shizuoka, Japan. 4) Tokyo, Japan.

5) Dublin, Ireland. 6) Lake Constance, Germany. 7) Manchester, England, UK. 8) Paris, France. 9) Reykjavik, Iceland. 10) Strasbourg, France. 11) Traun on Ödersee, Austria.

North America
12) Bath, Maine, USA. 13) Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 14) Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. 15) Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 16) Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 17) Huntingburg, Indiana, USA. 18) Mexico City, Distrito Federale, Mexico. 19) New Haven, Connecticut, USA. 20) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 21) New York, New York, USA. 22) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 23) Santa Cruz, California, USA. 24) Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. 25) Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.

The soundtrack for the World Hoop Day Dance this year was “Cheesy Like That” by Mr Jennings. Big thanks to Tink for coordinating the project again this year, one that helps bring hoopers together from all over the world, and much applause to all who participated this year.

Tink: Every Day is Sunday

Tink Oh Tink, how you make us smile! Kristen “Tink” McQuillin of Spin Matsuri takes us to the volcanic Japanese island of Nii-jima in the Philippine Sea and takes on the challenge of hooping to ska at the same time. She says, “It’s super bouncy music and the traditional ska dance movements aren’t ideal for on-body hooping or many fancy tricks.” On the island for Guru Guru Camp, the shoot proved challenging and Tink even fell and “concussed” herself at one point, but, “It was worth it, though. I love this video, wonky moves, windy mistakes, B-roll and all. Because every tomorrow’s Monday!” Tink lives in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, and the soundtrack for this is “Every Day is Sunday” by the Slackers. You can get it for yourself on iTunes.

World Hoop Day Dance 2011

The final World Hoop Day Dance 2011 video is here with participation from 11 countries with 41 groups totalling 317 hoop dancers. Tink in Tokyo, who organized and edited the project, explains, “Editing the video was an interesting challenge. The song is only 34 measures, and I received 41 videos. I decided to create an extended mix to accomodate each group for a full eight counts on the screen. Even so, I had to make some difficult choices about what section of each dance to use… If you danced, but can’t find yourself in the compilation video, accept my sincere apologies.” We totally understand and we’re excited to see Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA represented.

The Amazing Hoop Race Continues…

The City While Halloween in Paris was so much fun, and it was sad to see teams eliminated from the race, it’s time to move on Amazing Hoop Racers. Where are we going? There are no clues to figure out this week, no detours, no roadblocks. Our next destination is Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and is the capital of the country and the largest metropolitan area. It is the seat of the Japanese government, the Imperial Palace and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family. The Tokyo Metropolitan government administers the twenty-three special wards of Tokyo and each ward is governed as a city. There are also 39 municipalities in the western part of the prefecture and two outlying island chains. The prefecture is one of the world’s most populated metropolitan areas on the planet with upwards of 35 million people and the world’s largest metropolitan economy. And yet, don’t let the size and population throw you. Tokyo was ranked the World’s Most Livable Megalopolis by Monocle magazine, and the Michelin Guide has awarded Tokyo by far the most Michelin stars of any city in the world.

Originally just a small fishing village named Edo, first fortified by the Edo clan in the late 12th century, today Tokyo is one of the top cities in the world. Rail is the primary mode of transportation and the city has the most extensive urban railway network on the planet. Architecture in Tokyo has largely been shaped by Tokyo’s history, with the city being left in ruins in the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake, then again following extensive firebombing in World War II. Because of this, Tokyo’s current urban landscape is one of modern and contemporary architecture, and older buildings are scarce. The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that devastated much of the northeastern coast of Honshu was felt in Tokyo, but due to Tokyo’s earthquake-proof infrastructure damage in the city was minor compared to areas directly hit by the tsunami.

Your Vista Point challenge in Tokyo is inspired by two matsuri, a Japanese word for a festival or a holiday, more specifically the Cherry Blossom Festival and Shichi-Go-San.

World Hoop Day Dance Choreography 2011

World Hoop Day will be taking place this year on 11/11/2011. Last year Tink in Tokyointroduced choreography for a World Hoop Day Dance that hoopers could participate in all over the world, and this year she’s at it again. Here we find Tink and Tomomi performing the 2011 World Hoop Day Dance choreography so you and yours can learn it and be ready to videotape yourselves joining in the celebration on 11/11/11. For more information about the project visit Spin Matsuri.


Tink of Spin Matsuri and Wrenna of Whirligig Hoopers are real life sisters and hoopers that haven’t gotten to see each other in three years living in different countries, but a family and friend reunion resulted in the pair choreographing a dance in Mom’s back yard, singing along as they hooped. They wound up performing the number the following day at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Tink lives in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, and Wrenna lives in Kingston, Pennsylvania, USA.

Japan Tricks Showcase For Disaster Relief

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Hoopers in Japan have banded together to create a charity video showcase of 20 new and original tricks as a fundraiser to help disaster relief efforts two months after the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Featuring hot moves from Ayumi, Azusa, Deanne, Deko, Heather, Hiroko, Jonathan, Keiko, Miki, Mikori, Miwa, Naomi, Paolo, Roon Roon, Sareh, Tink, Tod, Tomomi, and Yokaokojo, each section features a trick at full speed then in slow motion.

They request, as do we, that if you like the video showcase or the individual tricks and wish to support efforts to rebuild northern Japan, to please donate to one of the organizations our Japan hooping friends know are doing good work and deserve your support. For more information and their charity list visit Spin Matsuri or contact Tink in Tokyo for more info.