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Frolicaholics Spin Stars on Niijima with Hoop Dancers

Frolicaholics This beautiful music video not only features hoops, melodica and xylophone, but also shows the beauty of the island of Niijima in Japan. The Frolicaholics are hoopers Kristen “Tink” McQuillin and Tod McQuillin, shown here performing at Guru-guru Camp with hoop dancers Sareh Sangsari, Akemi Kikuchi, Alice Carcilli and Harusa Kameyama. Video by Rob Moreno. The Frolicaholics live in Tokyo, Japan, and the during their Guru-guru Camp event and this track can be easily picked up on iTunes.

World Hoop Day Dance 2013

World Hoop Day Dance 2013 FEAT

255 hoop dancers from 11 countries spun up 28 World Hoop Day performances, all brought together with choreography by Kristin “Tink” McQuillin of Spin Matsuri, and then merged by her into another exciting video of hoop dance unity from around…

Tink: Every Day is Sunday


Oh Tink, how you make us smile! Kristen “Tink” McQuillin of Spin Matsuri takes us to the volcanic Japanese island of Nii-jima in the Philippine Sea and takes on the challenge of hooping to ska at the same time. She says, “It’s…

Hooping Tutorials: Four Hoop Clover Hold

Garret Flowers demonstrates the grip for a four-hoop cover hold, a static pattern that falls into a tidy sphere/globe when you let it go. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Tutorial filmed by Tink in Tokyo during 4th Sunday…