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Heather Doxtater

Mother Daughter Hoop Dance

Heather Doxtater is one of many mothers in the hooping community who loves to share her hooping with her kids, in this case her baby daughter. “She is the reason why I picked up...

Tara Baker Hooping

Jumping Through Hoops with Tara Baker

We really love cranking up the tunes and rocking out with our hoop sometimes, and Tara Baker of Gummyghost is here to do just that. Spinning her hoop dance up outdoors in several locations,...

Madison Elizabeth Hula Hoops

Hooping with Madison Elizabeth

Madison Elizabeth of Mad About Hoops spins it up in living color with multiple hoops. She lives in Houston, Texas, USA. Photo by Sean Cortright at Red Room Photography.

Hooper Graduate!

Madison McBurney: Hooper Graduate

Madison McBurney graduated from the University of Houston this weekend and she knew she had to throw her hoops into the mix! She graduated with a degree in Psychology and hopes to one day...

Heather Mia

Heather Mia Says

Heather Mia Says of Hoop Cubed spins a hula hoop around her waist at the beach in this beautiful black and white snapshot. She writes: “Body positive hooping! Still trying to spread the word...

carey kelley wallis

And The Bride Hooped

Carey Kelley Wallis took time out at her wedding to hoop it up at The Boathouse in Terlingua, Texas. Congratulations Carey! She lives in Alpine, Texas, USA. Photo by Joe Rife.

Akhana Maniphone

Akhana Maniphone

Akhana Maniphone of Karma Flow Hoops dazzles us with this beautiful hooping video. Her flow is so smooth and graceful and we love that pretty iridescent taped hoop sparkling on such a beautiful sunny...

Ciara Blossom

Ciara Blossom

Ciara Blossom of Spunlight Hoops spins it on her foot at the Acro Jam in Austin, Texas, USA. Photo by Earl McGehee.

Light Portal

Light Portal

We love this light portal shot taken at Bluetech at The Parish in Austin, Texas, USA. Photo by The Goff Experiment.

Alaska Ogden

Alaska Ogden

Alaska Ogden is caught nose hooping at the Appreciate Art Austin Festival: Street Ritual Austin Launch Party at the Empire Control Room in Austin, Texas, USA. Photo by Mario Villeda Photography.


Mirrors with Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce

Hoop dancers Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce of Circle of Play hoop jam in an abandoned building for this artsy music video titled “Mirrors”. The video was edited by Alejandro Olivas and Karin Von...