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Psychedelic LED Hooping with Laura Scarborough

ledhoopsLaura Scarborough of Hoopcircle is at it again! This time she is performing in a psychedelic video collaboration with her LED hoop combined with trippy visuals filmed and mixed by Tristan Rudat. The partnership of lights, visuals, and sumptuous movement are sure to enthrall as you watch this unique performance. Laura hails from Austin, Texas, USA, and the song accompanying this piece is titled “Waking Dream” and it is an original creation by the videographer Tristan Rudat. It can be added to your playlist too on iTunes.

Mother Daughter Hoop Dance


Heather Doxtater Heather Doxtater is one of many mothers in the hooping community who loves to share her hooping with her kids, in this case her baby daughter. “She is the reason why I picked up the hoop in the first place,” Heather explained when talking about her most recent video. The bond these two share together while in flow with their circle is truly beautiful and touching. Heather lives in Austin, Texas, USA, and the soundtrack that this hoop mama and this hoop baby are dancing to is the “Sweet Harmony (Isma-Ae Remix)” by Serge Devant, which can be purchased and downloaded over on iTunes.