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Heather Mia

Heather Mia Says

Heather Mia Says of Hoop Cubed spins a hula hoop around her waist at the beach in this beautiful black and white snapshot. She writes: “Body positive hooping! Still trying to spread the word...


Mirrors with Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce

Hoop dancers Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce of Circle of Play hoop jam in an abandoned building for this artsy music video titled “Mirrors”. The video was edited by Alejandro Olivas and Karin Von...

Loren Porter hoops

Loren Porter

Don’t let the low-key intro to Loren Porter‘s hooping video fool you. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and a hooper to watch in 2014. One moment she’s almost serene, striking...

S.T. Shimi

S.T. Shimi

S.T. Shimi performed recently at Wetmore City Limits. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA. A great shot captured by Kenneth Cooper at EN2E Entuitive Edge.

Jess Wagstrom Hooping

Jess Wagstrom

Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops performs at Open Stage, a variety show and performer’s playground in Plano, Texas, organized by Circus Freaks. She lives in Dallas, Texas, USA. Photo by Eric Malmgren Photography.

Shellie White Light

Shellie White Light

Shellie White Light of The Healthy Hooper spins up a double dose of fire at Flowstorm 2013 in Cedar Creek, Texas. Shellie’s based out of Maui, Hawaii, USA. A gorgeous photo by Ed Lehmann.

Jess Wagstrom

Waist Control with Jess Wagstrom

In a world where some newbies are claiming to have “mastered” waist hooping in a matter of days or weeks, Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops is here with a new tutorial that not only...

Ciara Blossom and Filchy

Acro Hooping with Ciara Blossom

Ciara Blossom of Spunlight Hoops and Christopher “Filchy” Finkins enjoy some acro hooping – combining hooping with acro yoga – on a sunny day at Lightning in a Bottle in Temecula, California. He lives...

Connie Bree

Let’s Hoop Dance in the Pouring Rain

Sometimes when it rains I find myself wanting to grab my hoop and go out for a spin in the downpour. I want to let myself get absolutely soaking wet, but common sense all...

The Hooping Academic FEAT

The Hooping Academic

by Bethany Lynn Corey I mumbled to my advisor that I couldn’t wrap my head around what my thesis needed to be and she prodded me to break it down by asking how I...

It's Never Too Late to Learn to Hoop FEAT

It’s Never too Late to Learn to Hoop

by Marlys Hersey Starting to hula hoop at age 45 may seem silly, frivolous, some vainglorious attempt to recapture youth. Regardless, I’m doing it. Often. And sometimes for hours at a time. Alone and...

jess hoop twerk

Save the Hoop When it Starts to Fall

Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops is back with a new tutorial intended to help any of you newbie hoopers who are trying to figure out how to save the hoop when it starts falling....

Geri McNiece

HoopShack Spins Up Fun Fitness

Geri McNiece of Around Joy, the owner of The HoopShack where some serious hooping takes place, teaches hula hoop classes for men and women of all ages in Arlington, Texas. She recently told WFAA-TV...