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Ciara Blossom Fire Hooping at Flowstorm 2014

Here’s a recent fire hooping performance featuring Ciara Blossom of Spunlight Hoops, spinning it up at Flowstorm 2014 in Cedar Creek, Texas, USA. Ciara sure doesn’t hold back and she doesn’t appear to be the least…

Mirrors with Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce

Hoop dancers Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce of Circle of Play hoop jam in an abandoned building for this artsy music video titled “Mirrors”. The video was edited by Alejandro Olivas and Karin Von Rosenberg…

S.T. Shimi

S.T. Shimi performed recently at Wetmore City Limits. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA. A great shot captured by Kenneth Cooper at EN2E Entuitive Edge.

Hula Hoop Taping Technique: Inner Rim Grip Tape

Are you having problems with grip tape peeling on the edges when you add it to the inner rim of your new shiny or glitter taped hoop? Well, you’ll find this to be a beneficial…

Jess Wagstrom

Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops performs at Open Stage, a variety show and performer’s playground in Plano, Texas, organized by Circus Freaks. She lives in Dallas, Texas, USA. Photo by Eric Malmgren Photography.