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Ciara Blossom Fire Hooping at Flowstorm 2014

Ciara Blossom Hooping Here’s a recent fire hooping performance featuring Ciara Blossom of Spunlight Hoops, spinning it up at Flowstorm 2014 in Cedar Creek, Texas, USA. Ciara sure doesn’t hold back and she doesn’t appear to be the least bit phased by all of the flames. She has an impressive repertoire of tricks to share, even when her hoop is on fire. Ciara lives in Austin, Texas, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Shine (Original Mix)” by Vibesquad and you can score a copy of it for yourself on Beatport.

Mirrors with Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce

Mirrors Hoop dancers Misty Smith and Taylor Pierce of Circle of Play hoop jam in an abandoned building for this artsy music video titled “Mirrors”. The video was edited by Alejandro Olivas and Karin Von Rosenberg and our hoopers “took advantage of some cool lighting while hoping not to get caught. But as you can tell it ended up nicely.” It turned out great in fact and they’ve spun up something not quite like anything we’ve seen before. They live in Austin, Texas, USA, and the soundtrack is “Pandora’s Box” by Beats Antique and it’s available for you to download on iTunes.

Loren Porter

Loren Porter hoops
Don’t let the low-key intro to Loren Porter‘s hooping video fool you. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and a hooper to watch in 2014. One moment she’s almost serene, striking pose after pose, and the next moment the music changes and Loren comes alive with so much frenetic energy, you’re energized just from watching her. Using every inch of her hooping space, flinging her hoop up to the heavens then dropping to her knees, Loren is completely consumed by the music and at one with her hoop. She lives in Plano, Texas, USA, and the soundtrack that she’s hooping to is “Scream” by Michael Jackson and it’s available if you want a copy of it on iTunes.

Hula Hoop Taping Technique: Inner Rim Grip Tape

Neon Emu Are you having problems with grip tape peeling on the edges when you add it to the inner rim of your new shiny or glitter taped hoop? Well, you’ll find this to be a beneficial DIY tutorial on just how to fix this issue. Neon Emu gives us step by step instructions on how to properly apply inner rim grip tape so it doesn’t wind up going wonky after awhile. One of the main techniques is to apply gentle pressure as you go around the hoop. You’ll see when you watch! When Neon Emu is not making DIY tutorials, she is working as a professional hoop performer and running her Neon Hoops business where she lives in Austin, Texas, USA.

Waist Control with Jess Wagstrom

Jess Wagstrom In a world where some newbies are claiming to have “mastered” waist hooping in a matter of days or weeks, Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops is here with a new tutorial that not only reminds us of the power behind waist control, she gives us the tools to get ourselves even more of it. After all, building it up makes for better everything and allows you to be able to dance and move and throw yourself into some serious flow. With awesome exercises to get our waist control in tip top shape, exercises that will have you manipulating the hoop brilliantly in no time, you’ll be super glad and grateful you took time out to get waisted with Jess. She lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.