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Susan Whitney Makes Hoop Dreams Come True

Susan Whitney

Susan Whitney

In Rhode Island, the Portsmouth Patch reports that Susan Whitney of Suela Hoops attended a Rhythm and Roots concert in the summer of 2006 where she saw a woman hula hooping to the music and she became mesmerized. So enthralled she spoke with the woman who ended up selling her a hoop of her own. She soon discovered from online research that there was a whole world of hula hooping out there. “I have learned that hooping is not just a hoop going around your waist, but a total body/mind/spirit workout,” said Whitney. “It is a connection with your family, friends, and people I have never even met. Hooping works your cardio, balance, and strengthens your core and more. It is heart pumping from your head to toe with laughter as your base. How great is that?” In the five years that Whitney said has been teaching, she has yet to find a student that could not learn to hoop. Whitney’s spirit and passion are infectious; she refuses to hear the word “can’t”.

Hooper Inspires Others To Follow Their Heart

Susan Whitney and a HooperThe Standard Times in New Bedford, Massachusetts, writes, “When life handed Susan Whitney Hula Hoops, she made a new career. At 49, the self-described ‘off-the-wall’ painter and decorator from Newport, Rhode Island, channeled her creativity into another quirky venture: designing hoops and teaching hooping classes. Several years later, her idea is paying off — and keeping her busier than she expected. ‘There’s always so much to do,’ Whitney said, noting that her colorful hoops and hip-swerving lessons are in high demand at schools, backyard parties and senior centers throughout southern New England. … Whitney, who called hooping a workout for ‘body, mind and spirit,’ attributed the sport’s popularity to the way it brings people together. She said she feels lucky to have found a fun way to make money off of something she loves. As she spun homemade hoops in the air at Bristol Community College last week, Whitney encouraged other would-be entrepreneurs to do what makes them happy.” You can find Susan at SuelaHoops. Full story: South Coast Today