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Take Better LED and Fire Hooping Pictures

Jannae: LED Hooping Photo [Hooping.org guest author Drew Martin, the Hooposophy husband of Lara Eastburn, gets us set to shoot better night hooping photos.]

By Drew Martin

Think you have to be a pro to capture great pictures of your LED and fire hoop dancing? Nah. The images of swirling color galaxies you dream about creating yourself are actually kinda simple. That is, as long as you understand a few basics of that time old tradition of photography and a lil’ bit o’ physics. Don’t worry, it isn’t the math side of physics. You’ve got this. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing your night time hoop dance some justice on film. First, let’s start with your camera. Not your phone, that’s a phone. Find a big grown up camera to play with, or at least a small light proof box whose sole purpose is to bend and capture light. Film or digital, it does not matter. The principles will be exactly the same.

Amy Style: Fire Hooping Photo Your camera captures light in two different ways – aperture and shutter speed. Aperture is the size of the hole that the light is allowed to pass through. It either adds a dimension to a photograph by blurring the background, or magically brings everything in focus. It is described on cameras as the F-Stop. It has number designations (1, 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, and so on; some pinhole cameras even have an F-Stop of 256). But what does it all mean? These numbers tell you how small the hole will be while shooting your photo. The larger the F number, the smaller the hole will be. For instance, f1 is twice the size of f1.4, which is in turn twice the size of f2, and so on.


Shutter speed is exactly what it says it is – the speed of the shutter. It’s all about how long the curtain will remain open. Most of the time your shutter will be set for shooting in the daylight, or with a flash. When you take these pictures the shutter is open for only a fraction of a second. To get the images we want, however, the killer night hooping photography that we see and love so much, we need the shutter to stay open longer, on the order of a few seconds to possibly even tens of seconds. This extended time allows the light from the fire or LED hoop to burn onto the imaging medium. Think of it like a movie. You are shooting a 3 to 5 second movie, but instead of having several hundred frames of individual, sequential points of light or video, they are all stacked together into one image, one photograph.

Amazing Hoop Race Grand Finale

The time has come everybody and we are racing to the final finish line of The Amazing Hoop Race, Hooping.org’s revolutionary new contest that sent teams of two on a virtual hula hoop race around the world! Before we tell you about the cinematically inspired final leg of the race in Los Angeles, California, USA, here’s what has happened so far for those who are just tuning in.

We started off with meeting our 14 amazing teams who hooped to the starting line from places all over the world. The race was explained and our teams were off to the airport (where they got people hooping) on their way to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where they participated in a Samba Hoop Dance Challenge. The following day three teams were eliminated and the rest were spinning their way to Johannesburg, South Africa. There they hit a Detour, and while some teams were hooping with wild animals on safari, others were cooking up pampoenkoekies before our Kwaito Hoop Bliss Challenge. In Johannesburg three more teams were eliminated and the rest were off to spend Halloween hooping in Paris, France. Once there, on a Roadblock, one member of each team descended beneath the city streets to hoop in the Catacombs – one of the scariest places on earth! Once they returned to the rand of the living, our teams presented Parisian Gothic Hoop Dance Music Videos on Halloween itself. There was, of course, another elimination before sending the remaining six teams on a hooping journey to Tokyo, Japan. Once there our Tokyo Matsuri Flow Challenge was inspired both by Shichi-go-san and the beauty and grace of the cherry blossom itself. In the tightest race elimination ever, three more teams were sent to the sidelines, leaving Team London, Team Seattle and Team Wisconsin hoop racing their way into the finale with a shot at winning The Amazing Hoop Race Grand Finale Prize Package. What exactly is in that prize package? Allow us to tell you all about it.

Funniest Videos Contest Finalists

Happy At Hooping.org, we love a good laugh. One of the things we like most about hooping is that it’s fun! In fact, if we’re not having a good time, we really don’t want to play. So in the spirit of reminding all of us to play, in the spirit of not taking this thing called hooping quite so seriously, we present Hooping.org’s first Funniest Videos contest. Announced on June 14th with a couple of follow ups, our readers had over two weeks to complete and post their submissions. From there, we narrowed it down to our top three favorites (and a couple Honorable Mentions) that we really felt captured the spirit of the contest. We’d like to thank all of you for submitting your videos! Thank you everyone, you’re awesome and we love you! And now it’s time for you to decide which one is your favorite?

First prize is a Shoot The Moon polypro prize pack of eight polypro performance hoops in every color from Superhooper.org (including three brand new colors: Really Orange, Neon Pink (UV reactive!) and Papal Purple – a $320 value). Our second place video scores themselves a super cool LED hoop to light up their hooping nights, while our third spot will get a six-month pass to Hooping University so they can learn some new moves online from the pros. So all three of our finalists here are already winners, it’s just a matter of helping us decide who wins what! So without further ado, here are our finalists:

Funniest Videos Contest Closes Tomorrow Night

laughter You still have until tomorrow night to get your entry together for Hooping.org’s Funniest Videos contest. Simply create your own funny hooping video and post in on YouTube. Title your video with a brief title of your own, followed by our contest name, like this: “__________ – Hooping.org Funniest Videos”. Your entry can be no longer than four minutes in length, but other than that the sky is the limit. You just might want to refer to our Ten Easy Hooping Video Tips if you haven’t already. Once all of the entries are online we’ll narrow it down to our favorites for a vote to score some super cool summer prizes – like a Shoot The Moon polypro prize pack of eight polypro performance hoops in every color – including their three brand new colors: Really Orange, Neon Pink (UV reactive!) and Papal Purple (a $320 value from Superhooper.org). An LED Hoop, a pass to Hooping University… Go get out your camera and have some fun!

Lara Eastburn: Hooping Geneaologist

Lara Eastburn [In this week’s interview Jodi Flesberg Lilly turns the spotlight on Hooping.org Columnist Lara Eastburn of Superhooper.org regarding her work on The Hooping Family Tree.]

by Jodi Flesberg Lilly

I have been fascinated by the idea of a family tree for hoopers since Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn (pictured) first posted her request for information on one’s ‘hoop parents’ on Superhooper.org last summer.  Though I’ve never been interested in my ancestral genealogy, I was intrigued by the idea of someone gathering and mapping information about where, how and from whom one’s hoop life was sparked into being.  Since then my curiosity about who would initiate this potentially massive project prompted me to become online friends with her. One day I signed in to Facebook and saw her status that said simply, “I wish someone would interview me about The Hooping Family Tree Project” and I sent her an email saying that I’d love to do just that.

Lara has spent countless hours organizing the information she has received from hoopers around the world and putting it into a colorful, searchable online map. The Hooping Family Tree Project is rapidly growing and making it possible to track the history of hooping from it’s humble beginnings to the centerpiece around which an international community of hoopers has developed and continues to flourish.  It has been my pleasure to get to know Lara through our conversations and glean just a little of what she has learned since she started the project.