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Hawaiian Sunrise Hooping with Luna Breeze

Luna Breeze Hula Hoop An early morning sunrise shoot finds Luna Brie Blakeman of Luna Breeze Performance Art spinning things up to greet the day across the street from Kalani Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. In this video by Paul Theodore Photography, things get deliciously dreamy with some truly beautiful hooping, beautiful editing, beautiful locations and more. She’s currently living in Portland, Oregon, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is called “Nangijala” by Kienra and you can score a copy of it for your own music collection over on Bandcamp.

Tiana Zoumer: Bare Dawn

Tiana Zoumer Bare Dawn Some like to greet the dawn with the breath of life and nothing to hide. Tiana Zoumer of TianaZoumer.com says, “I am baring it all in this dance, inviting the Australian sun to rise and shine with Hoop Dance medicine.” Part of that medicine is a poem which reads:

Bare Dawn
The coast, a prismatic canvas illumined through the earths turning.
My form a silhouette painted perfect by the warrior within me.
Home with the sun and circle, our sacred sources.
Moved by the wisdom given in the vision of elemental forces.
This light inspires my rooted seeds to grow and awakened eyes to see.
This circle moves my grounded body to flow and abundant love to be free.

Bare Dawn is a preview to Southern Sun Hoop Medicine, a collaborative vision with Warrior Within Designs, so stay tuned. Video filmed in Sydney, Australia, by Habane Ruppert. Tiana lives in Oakland, California, USA, and the soundtrack is “Only One” by Dysphemic and Miss Eliza and you can get a copy of it for your very own on iTunes.

Circus Hula Hooping with Coral Jade

Coral Jade When it comes to circus hula hooping one of our favorites has spun up a new demo that’s not to be missed. Coral Jade of CoralJadeCircus.com filmed this herself on the urban streets of Melbourne and during sunrises at St. Kilda, edited it all into something stunning, and composed her own original soundtrack creation for it to top it all off. It’s got everything you could hope for in a circus demo, with a little GoPro footage thrown in too for good measure. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Calm Before Super Typhoon Haiyan

Rica Ramos Santos Before Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) left unimaginable destruction in its wake in the Philippines with more than 10,000 feared dead, Rica Ramos Santos woke up early to greet the dawn while vacationing in Tagaytay, a place that would soon appear on the long list of cities and towns affected by the super storm. While hotel guests were still snuggled in their beds, she “couldn’t wait to feel the first rays of the sun envelope me while hooping.” With a perfectly calm and royal blue sky as her backdrop, Rica hooped to “Royals” by Lorde (on iTunes), hoop dancing in the calm before the storm.

By the time Super Typhoon Haiyan arrived she was safely to the north in Baguio City, high in the mountains where there was no typhoon warning. “I wasn’t able to sleep much that night. The winds were howling mad and the beautiful pine trees around the hotel were shaking. I can only imagine the hell people went through then and until now in the affected areas.” Haiyan relief donations are needed and encouraged and are being accepted by the Philippine Red Cross. Rica told hooping.org, “I only recommend them to my friends from other countries. I’m also sending my own cash donations through them as they have the best track record. Friends volunteer there and I hear good things from inside the organization too.”

Hooping.org Contributor Clair Ching, who lives in the Philippines, shared Rica’s sentiments. “We had a spin jam earlier to raise money ourselves too. I honestly can’t watch the news because there are just too many deaths and other bad stuff going around. I’m trying to focus on the relief efforts I’m seeing.” Rica reminded us that anything we can do to help really matters too. “Every little gesture of help is much, much appreciated,” she explained. “We’re a nation that’s used to calamities. We get hid hard several times a year, but this one, it’s going to be a long while to recover from a devastation of this magnitude.”

Fiji Sunrise Hoop Dance

Vivian KaleaWe get a delicious taste of summer with Vivian Kalea hoop dancing to greet the sun on Naviti Island in Fiji. Fiji, for those who may not know, is an island nation in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean and having grown up in an urban jungle, Vivian has developed a need for stimuli, which she attempts to satisfy through many mediums including climbing, ooping, and music. Here we find her combining all three hooping at the highest point on the island. She has a blog and the soundtrack here is called “This is How it Goes” by Goldfish and you can score a copy of it for yourself on iTunes