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Stu Jenks: Hoop Dance Photography Soundtracks

For our regular readers Stu Jenks may not be an unfamiliar name. You might recall his amazing photos from such posts as Grand Canyon Hoop Dance and Ghost Town Hooping, for example. For the past number of years Stu has been exploring in his photography the symbols of the Circle, the Hoop, and the Spiral;…

Grand Canyon Hoop Dance

Grand Canyon Hoop Dance is the latest amazing pic by photographer Stu Jenks. This was shot at around 4:30 in the morning on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. He lives in Southwestern Arizona, USA. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Ghost Town Hooping

Bodie, California is a ghost town. Stu Jenks writes, "It's an odd place, a spot on the planet where violent Capitalism occurred, where gold was carved from them there hills. I know too much to find it quaint. The dead Native People. The raped land. The mean streets. The greed in which greed is too…