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Nikki Inglis

Nikki Inglis spins it out at The Spin Summit 2012. She lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. From this photo set by Don Searle Photography. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Spin Summit Snippets

Enjoy some highlights from the Instructors Performance Showcase at The Spin Summit, held recently at Snow Mountain Ranch in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The video features Hoopalicious, Danielle Odette, Gail O’Brien, Mark Stampfle, Spiral, Nick Guzzardo, Rainbow Michael, Sharna Rose…

Spin Summit Lights

Sharna Rose, Danielle Odette and Christina Buster light up The Spin Summit with their LED hoops, held in the Colorado Rockies near Granby, Colorado. From this photo set by Don Searle Photography. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Moving Mandala

Moving Mandala performed at the first annual Spin Summit in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The foursome includes Jeny Jones, Emily Boger, Anne Havens and Tracy Knowles. Soundtrack: “Monsoon Malabar” by Bombay Dub Orchestra (on iTunes).

Kristina Sutcliffe at Spin Summit

Kristina Sutcliffe of O Dance in Boulder, Colorado, hoops at The Spin Summit at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado, USA. Photo by Philo Hagen of Hooping.org from this photo set. Enjoy more Spin Summit photos from Amy Windorski here,…

The Spin Summit: Day Five

The final day of the first annual Spin Summit, held all this week high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, was comparatively simple, yet incredibly rich. Baxter of The Hoop Path, someone renowned for opening these sorts of gatherings, gathered…

The Spin Summit: Day Four

[For those who are not at The Spin Summit, and the internet addicted who are, Hooping.org is live blogging from the event throughout the week.] By Philo Hagen It’s late and things are very quiet at the Willow Cabin, except…