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Mbali Ngubane

Mbali Ngubane

With the sun out and the beats blazing, Mandala Project was something special and Mbali Ngubane was there spinning things up. She lives in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Photo by ASP Productions.

Arise and Hoop at the Beach

A year ago Arise and Hoop hosted their first gathering at Llandudno. A year later they’ve spun up a truly awesome hooping community and decided to kick the year off right with a Flow Gathering and Fire Jam down at…

South Africa Glows

The ladies of Arise and Hoop gathered to celebrate Shouniez Johnson’s birthday with LED hoops at Llandudno Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. From left: Corette Barham, Natacha Smiltneek, Sandra Dee Mitchell and Shouniez Johnson. Photo by Cape Town Guy.…

Hooping Spins the News in South Africa

Harriet Walker writes for South Africa’s Independent Online, “Beset by memories of poor childhood co-ordination and playground ignominy, I approached this year’s latest fitness craze with a certain sense of gloom. But it’s hard to stay gloomy when you’re flinging…

Alice in Hoopland

The theme for Arise and Hoop’s latest hoop jam was “Down The Rabbit Hole”. Join Alice and the others in Hoopland as they spin things up at Maynardville Park in Cape Town, South Africa. Soundtrack by EMP.