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Hoop Skiing

Hula Hoop Skiing with Laina Gossman

Laina Gossman of Paz Attire likes to hoop and she also likes to ski, so why not do both at the same time? Here we find her doing just that, combining two of her...

Janelle Smith Wilfong

Janelle Smith Wilfong

Janelle Smith Wilfong of Janetics Ink rolls her hoop wide even in the snow. It’s a self portrait too. She lives in Proctorsville, Vermont, USA.



Sylvi, otherwise known as Ashley Marie Sylvester, spins up a hoop performance in Chicago and the end result is a shimmer of spinning hoops and lights and more in The Windy City. With her...

Cody Moongazer

Cody Moongazer

Cody MoonGazer spins it up in a snowstorm in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Photo by Diana Foof of Diana Rosa Fotography.

Eucaly Murakami

Eucaly Murakami

Eucaly Murakami of The Performance Art Project Kaguzuchi performs with her fire hoop in the falling snow at Hakuba Snow Love Illumination at the Hakuba Ski Jump Stadium in Hakuba, Japan. She lives in...

Jordan Robbins

Snow Day Rewind with Jordan Robbins

Jordan Robbins has been spending quite a bit of time hooping in the snow and she’s spun up a snow hooping video – in reverse – that just knocks our socks off. It’s so...

Winter Hooping

Isabella Maria: Hooping in Winter

Isabella Maria of Hoop Dance Austria spins up the the third installment in her Four Seasons of Hooping series, and we have to say that we fell in love with winter just by watching...


Noora Tiainen: CaleidosHoop

Noora Tiainen braves the winter weather and spins up something eye catching in this video called “CaleidosHoop”, a kaleidoscopic hoop journey. Its short and sweet, but that’s to be expected when you’re hooping in...

Valerie Hoops

Valerie Hoops: Snow Flow

Are you ready for something chill? Then you’re ready for some flow out in the falling snow with Valerie Hoops. She says, “It was snowing here, and it doesn’t happen very often, so I...

Bonnie MacDougall

Blizzard Hooping

No need to wait for the storms to pass to get outside and hoop. Bonnie MacDougall, of Haven Hoop Dance didn’t. She just rolled with it, or rather, hooped with it – in between...

erin samuelsen

Winter Hooping In The Berkshires

Erin Samuelsen managed to squeeze in some winter hooping time during a weekend visit to Western Massachussetts. We love the vibe of the winter white carpeting on the ground surrounded by the barren trees...

Alli McCracken

Alli McCracken

Alli McCracken spins up some fire hooping in the snow for the very first time in this amazing shot by Doug Sanford. They live in Washington, DC, USA.

Kelsey Lunsford

Kelsey Lunsford

Kelsey Lunsford spins it up in the snow. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. Photo by Jeremy Philo.

Epiphany Anderson

Snowy Hoop Dance with Epiphany Anderson

Samantha “Epiphany” Anderson of GL&M Dolls, takes her hoop dance out onto a carpet of winter white, snow at her feet, as gentle snow flakes are falling from the sky all around her. Epiphany...

Kim Cuppett Hooping

Kim Cuppett: Snow Hooping

Baby, it’s cold outside… but that isn’t stopping Kim Cuppett of the Altoona Hoop Jam from getting outside and hooping it up in her snowy yard. It might be cold, but check out her...