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Snow Day Hooping with Camille Latture

Camille Latture hooping As the snow comes down hard in probably the last snow storm to hit Baltimore before Spring, Camille Latture gets out there and rocks her hoop out in the wintery weather! She is a champ at doing those folds and isolations like the cold doesn’t phase her whatsoever. This is how to make a snow day count! Camille lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and the song she’s hooping to is “First Light” by Django Django, and it’s available for you to download for your own collection on iTunes.

Frozen Pond Hooping with Brittany McDank

snow hooping Brittany McDank outdoes herself with this stunning winter hooping video, filmed atop a frozen pond – until it started cracking. Surrounded by ice and snow and hoops, with time lapse photography, she spins up a winter wonderland of hooping in beautiful black and white. Brittany lives in Avon, Connecticut, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Fitzpleasure” by alt-J and you can get your copy of it quite easily on iTunes.

Winter Storm Juno Hooping with Brittany McDank

Brittany McDank hooping Brittany McDank breaks out her snow boots and matching snow-colored twin hula hoops after the big 2015 winterstorm “Juno” hit. Filmed by Cree Cinematography, with her face full of smiles, it looks like she is having a great time out there with her furry friend no matter what the weather. Brittany lives in Avon, Connecticut, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Cracks” by Flux Pavilion (featuring Belle Humble) and you can easily download your own copy of it on iTune.

Winter Wonderland Hooping with Pope

Bryan Pope hooping Happy Birthday to the Pope! Pope, otherwise known as Bryan Pope, ventures into the mountains for a celebratory hooping session on his birthday, spinning things up in a proverbial winter wonderland. With his bright green hula hoop, precise flow skills and some really breathtaking backdrops, we all fell in love with this and you will too. Bryan lives in Denver, Colorado, USA, and the soundtrack for this video is “Minor Cause” by Emancipator – and it’s available for you to download on iTunes.

Lisa Pfleger and Isabella Maria Spin Winter

hoopdanceaustria Lisa Pfleger and Isabella Maria of Hoop Dance Austria spin things up in their Austrian winter wonderland, bringing some much needed warmth, joy and color to the snowy world around them. Even dressed for their cold, they’re having a great time hooping and filming, as you can see in their outtakes as well. They live in Heiligenbrunn, Austria, and the soundtrack for this is called “My Silver Lining” by First Aid Kit and you can score a copy of it for your own collection very easily on iTunes.