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It’s a Freaky Hula Hooping Snake

Freaky Hula Hooping Snake Over the years we’ve seen the hoop turn up in some truly unexpected places and witnessed the truly unexpected delight in hooping it up. We’ve even seen a bear hoop, dolphins, elephants, but we’re pretty sure this is the first time we’ve ever a snake. Hula Petz explains, “Sometimes I have crazy ideas and put them immediately into practice” and while we have to agree this is indeed a little crazy, we really love how she makes it happen. She comes to us from Lindau Bodensee, Bayern, Germany, and the soundtrack is simply the sound of a snake charming flute.

Snake Bitten In New Mexico

In New Mexico, Jared Tucker (pictured) writes for the Portales News-Tribune, “I seriously thought performing arts was the most boring thing in the world, until I saw the YouTube video of a young Portales woman playing with fire and hoola…