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Aerial Emery

Aerial Emery Aerial Emery is truly a hula hooping dynamo, shown here spinning things up with not only a multitude of hoops, but demonstrating her skills as well on a Roue Cyr Wheel. Currently a student at École de cirque de Québec, Aerial was actually born into a circus family and has been performing since she was seven-years-old. She’s performed with the circus, as well as competed in rhythmic gymnastics. She lives in in Québec, Canada, and the soundtrack for this video is “The Locus Priory” by Saltillo and it’s available for purchase on iTunes. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Chad Forsberg: Better Things

Last year we told you Chad Forsberg was one to watch. Here, in “Better Things”, we not only get some impressive hooping, but Chad delivers a new move he calls “Corteo” that we’ve never seen before. He literally rides the hoop like a mini Cyr wheel! What’s probably bad news for your hoop tape is good news for those wanting something new to tackle. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Neal Holmes: Australian Roué Cyr Busker

Roue Cyr: Australia

Neal Holmes

You can find Neal Holmes at Docklands in Melbourne, Australia, every week practicing his new “party trick” – spinning around inside roué cyr or simple wheel. Unlike most circus acts, the wheel is a 21st century phenomenon. Neal says there is evidence that people where doing it in the 1940s, but it has only become popular this century. He told Docklands News that he discovered the device less than a year ago on YouTube while he was in China working inside a dinosaur as part of the amazingly successful Melbourne-based production “Walking with Dinosaurs”. He was dumbstruck at what he was seeing and realized he had an opportunity to create a signature act that he could call his own in Australia. So he bought the equipment off the internet via Montreal, Canada, and when it arrived not even a year ago he began putting his heart, soul and many, many waking hours into it. It was a steep learning curve, but Neal is now sufficiently confident enough to have obtained a busker’s license. He’ll be performing regularly at Southbank. Watch the video below: