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Hula Hooping in Silhouette with Bethany Ramm

Bethany Ramm hooping You can find hoop dancer Bethany Ramm hula hooping until the sun sets in this lovely video made by Anna-Marie Ramm. Bethany’s silhouette looks quite beautiful against the backdrop of the countryside and she really dazzles when she gets all five of those hoops going at once! Bethany lives in Brighton, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is by Bensound and you can download it directly on Bensound’s website.

Twirled with Jaya Fire

Jaya Fire Jaya Fire, aka Jenni Kettles, makes her hooping.org debut in this wave crashing video, filmed and edited by Arun Maroon. While barefoot hoop dancing along the shoreline, Jenni reminds us in silhouette that spring is just around the corner. She also shows how mesmerizing on-body hooping can really be, all the while making her chest hooping, vertical hooping, and the shoulder duck outs she mixes into her beautiful hoop dance seem effortless. Jenni is currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is called “Just Walk Away (featuring Farisha)” by Serotoxin, which can be downloaded for your own music collection over on itunes.

Hooping it up with Mo Flow

Mo Flow Miss Mo Flow spins up something adorable, taking her hoops out and capturing some gorgeous hoop dance imagery in silhouette, some beautiful daylight twin hooping, and even some LED hooping action after dark. Video by Jessie S.. She lives in Media, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for this is called “Am I Wrong?” by Nico and Vinz and you can score a copy of it for your very own quite easily on iTunes.

Sunset Hooping

Sunset Hooping Hooping has been known to give us a good feeling, and when it’s a beautiful day and the sun is setting and the noise and pace of the world is slowing down around us inside the circle and we find our center, it can be a really good feeling indeed. Spring has most definitely sprung! They live in Bangor, Maine, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Finally Moving” by Pretty Lights and you can score a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

Divine Spin

Divine Hooping Effy Sartiaguin, also known as Dulce, spins up a truly mesmerizing experience that’s not of this world. In fact, we pretty much guarantee that her sustained spinning here will take you to a whole new place within your day by the time it is over, somewhere that is truly divine. The soundtrack for this magical session is “Divine Moments of Truth” by Shpongle and we have the opportunity to bare witness to her beautiful honesty. You can score a copy of this track for yourself later if you wish on iTunes. Effy lives in Mexico.