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Hooping it up with Mo Flow

Mo Flow Miss Mo Flow spins up something adorable, taking her hoops out and capturing some gorgeous hoop dance imagery in silhouette, some beautiful daylight twin hooping, and even some LED hooping action after dark. Video by Jessie S.. She lives in Media, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for this is called “Am I Wrong?” by Nico and Vinz and you can score a copy of it for your very own quite easily on iTunes.

Morgan Chardi

Morgan Orton

Morgan Chardi spins a beautiful sunset hooping self portrait silhouette on a beautiful beach of Punta Banco, Costa Rica. Love it! She lives in Florida, USA.

Melissa Cook

Melissa Cook

We love this sunset silhouette hoop dance shot of Melissa Cook so much! She lives in Santa Monica, California, USA. Photo by Nar Levoni.

Ashley Stroh

Ashley Stroh let’s it roll at sunset on the Columbia River. She lives in Vancouver, Washington, USA. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Sunset Hooping

Hooping has been known to give us a good feeling, and when it’s a beautiful day and the sun is setting and the noise and pace of the world is slowing down around us inside the circle and we find…