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Rede with Bárbara Francesquine

Bárbara Francesquine hooping Are you ready for something different? Rede (meaning network in English) is the result of a 3-hour workshop with students from what they call the “Streets” and Squares” group of Ruas e Praças, a Brazilian charity. Their objective: explore relations between two universal artistic languages, film and dance. Bárbara Francesquine joins forces with Fabio Myller, Tayna Gomes, Wenny Mirelle, and Pedro Gomes to spin up something stunning and other worldly. The way Bárbara and Fabio connect with the hoop together is simply lovely! The film instructor and editor is Alexandre Salomão. Bárbara lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and the soundtrack used for this is called “Third Time” by Jingle Punks.

F L O W with Michy

Michell Mauricio-Deleva Hooping

Michell Mauricio-Deleva, otherwise known as “Michy”, gives us a peek into her hoop world with this video entitled “Flow”. It was filmed and edited by Vante’ Orr Visuals who describe this little documentary short of a sort as “a creative…

Hoopwonderland with Kristin Lahoop

Hoopwonderland with Kristin Lahoop

Those who are prone to seizures are the only ones who should skip this trip to Hoopwonderland with Kristin Lahoop. She’s spun up a totally amazing winner of a hooping video that was made in collaboration with ChickenChris. She says,…