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Yvonne Wyse Lost 112 Pounds Hooping

Yvonne Wyse, a mother-of-four living in Scotland, has some big news to share with the world. She’s spun up some serious weight loss having shed a total of 112 pounds (8 stone). How’d she do…

Stakatto Blue

Stakatto Blue at glasgowhulahoop.co.uk hoops it up against a beautiful and cloudy Glasgow sky. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Photo by Neil Thomas Douglas Photography. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Hooping Tutorials: Barrel Rolls

Carly Dawson of Awesome Hula Hoop Workout and Hoop Sassy shows us how to spin up barrel rolls. She lives in West Scotland, UK.

Hooping and Laughter

[Guest blogger Carly Dawson spins up the hooping and the laughter.] by Carly Dawson Recently, while minding my own business online, I accidentally stumbled across a video for something called “Laughter Yoga”. Now I had…

Edinburgh Sets New World Hula Hoop Workout Record

In Scotland, Edinburgh residents broke the record for the world’s largest hula hoop workout this morning. 232 people gathered in front of the hotel on Festival Square to participate in the routine, which was hosted…