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The Back Roll with Drill with Sarah Sparkles

sarahsparkles Are you interested in nailing the perfect back roll? Then this tutorial is just what you’ve been waiting for. Sarah Sparkles of Sparkle and Burn Hoop Dance shares how to do just that with her new “Back Roll with Drill” hooping tutorial. “The more contact you have with the forearm the more contact the hoop is gonna make with the arm,” she explains while sharing the drill you need to work on to get that send off just right. Sarah currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Sarah E. Sparkles

March 20, 2013 marked the first day of Spring in many parts of the world, but Sarah E. Sparkles presents a different view of springtime in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.  In Sarah’s words, “This video is dedicated to the seasons where I don’t…

Sarah Sparkles

This short film by Dane101.com takes a closer look at Sarah Sparkles, her hooping life as a performer and hoop instructor at the University of Wisconsin, what the hoop has brought to her life and the hooping scene in Madison,…