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Rolling Doubles with Isopuppy

Caitlin Hofer by Faith Images

Isopuppy, otherwise known as Caitlin Hofer of Fern Gully Creations, rolls two yellow twin hoops across her chest at a swimming pool. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Photo by Faith Images.

Kai Crusos at the Santa Cruz Lighthouse

Kai Crusos Let’s pay a night time visit to the Santa Cruz Lighthouse where Kai Crusos is waiting to spin up a simply stunning performance. Filmed by Kenny Hoff, Kai’s twin and foot hooping skills, acrobatics and emotional moves make this a joy to watch as we hear the waves crash upon the shore below her. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Journey to the Eye of the Whale” by Random Rab and you can download a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.