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Dylan T. Bradley Hooping

Dylan T. Bradley: Magick

Every now and then a hooping video of epic proportions comes along and this one starring hooper Dylan T. Bradley definitely falls into that category. The crazy visual effects combined with Dylan’s LED, fire...

Ruckus Muckus

Hooping with Ruckus Muckus

Ruckus Muckus of Ruckus Muckus.com, otherwise known as Cathy Diebold, trained professionally in physical theater, mime, and clowning, and she uses that training to spin up her own fresh perspective on the art of...

Jennifer Valentine Fire Hooping

Fire Hooping with Jennifer Valentine

Jennifer Valentine performs with her fire hoop in the Temple of Poi and Union Square Live show in Union Square in San Francisco, California, USA. It’s the largest, free, legal, public fire dancing show...

Amy Hoopsalot

Hoopdance with the Redwoods

When Amy Hoopsalot paid a visit to the state of California, she took time out to spin up some beautiful hoop dance with the Redwoods. Filmed at the Muir Woods National Monument in Marin...

Melodie Lamoureux

Melodie Lamoureux: Hooping Around the World

Melodie Lamoureux has been traveling the world thanks to her hula hoop gig on Celebrity Cruises. She says, “Hooping around the world is a project I started six months ago. Instead of collecting souvenirs,...

Hoopers vs Breakers 3.0

Hoopers Vs Breakers 3.0

Check out the this super fresh footage from The Renegade Rockers‘ 30th Anniversary Event with xZist: Masters of Movement where 2 vs 2 Bboy teams battled for a $400 cash prize – and some...

Memory Elena

Memory Elena on Yerba Buena Island

While her title – “I Know Where You Hooped Last Summer” – might sound like a horror movie, it’s actually a beautiful spin down memory lane with Memory Elena who filmed this when she...

Tiia Ferrol

Hooping For a Cause

When Tiia Ferrol decided to make her first hooping video, she wanted it to mean something and while she was in Finland over the summer she decided to shoot some footage with a friend....

Mackenzie Hooping at Burning Man

MacKenzie Hizon Hoops at Burning Man

MacKenzie Hizon spins her hoop at Burning Man 2013 in the Black Rock Desert, otherwise known as Black Rock City, Nevada, for one week a year. She lives in San Francisco, California, USA. Photo...

Rainy Day Hoop Break

Rainy Day Hooping Break

After being cooped up inside all day, anybody would want to get out of the house and if you’re kid that is only multiplied, so when the storm broke momentarily and sunlight beamed through...

Shannon Fire Hooping

Shannon Connor

Shannon Connor spins fire at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California, USA. Photo by Waldemar Horwat. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.