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Throw into Reverse Escalator with Gail O’Brien

Throw Into Reverse Escalator with Gail O'Brien Gail O’Brien of HoopSpin, our 2015 Instructor of the Year, is here with a new hooping tutorial for a “Throw into Reverse Escalator” and it’s a cool spin on a popular move. Don’t forget to the left lift while working on this too. As Gail explains, “If I don’t it kind of just slides to the floor.” Give this move a spin and have fun with it. Filmed in Bali by Morgan Jenkins of Hooptown Hotties, Gail is currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

18 Beautiful Hoopers of the World

Helen War Helen War of HelenWar.com and 18 of her beautiful hoop companions, are here to impart and spread the hoop love. She recently attended Sacred Circularities in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, and amid the second week of the retreat she injured her knee pretty badly. It was then she remembered what the hoop community truly stands for, and since she could no longer do workshops, she decided to make videos of her friends inside their own sacred circles. Helen lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and the soundtrack featured here is “Clementine” by Washington and you can download a copy of it for your very own collection over on iTunes

Hooping Tutorial Fishies with Tiana Zoumer

TianaZoumer Tiana Zoumer is here with a brand new hooping tutorial and she’s going to be teaching us all how to do “Fishies”. She shows how to swim in the current and create a liquid textured flow with our hoops in this cool lesson filmed by Morgan Jenkins in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia at the sixth Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance and Movement Meditation Retreat. Tiana is currently living in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Circular Awakenings: Hoop Dance and our Higher Self

Circular Awakenings “Circular Awakenings” by The Independents is a mini-documentary exploring the sacred connection between hoop dance and the ancient tradition of spinners & meditators. Filmed at the Sacred Circularities gathering in Bali, Indonesia, Erick Joseph and others discovered there was much more depth and tradition to our rapidly expanding hooping movement than they imagined. Featuring Jaguar Mary who states, “Spinning supports the universe…everything spins. We’re just bringing this ancient tradition into the 21st century,” we also get to take a closer look at the circular awakenings of Tiana Zoumer, Adam North, Francie Fishman. Their passion for hooping has as much to do hooping, as it does connecting to their higher Self.