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Weight Loss Resolutions Inside a Hula Hoop

Resolutions [Hooping.org columnist Shannon Herrington charts a realistic plan for success.]

by Shannon Herrington

It’s January 2012. It’s a brand new year. If you have a gym membership, you’ve probably noticed your gym is full of new people. Most of those people won’t even last a month according to the New York Times. Maybe you are new to hooping.org because you got a hoop as a holiday gift or you heard it was an awesome workout. Weight loss is more than simply picking up a hoop though, especially if you have more than a few vanity pounds to get rid of. Last year, on January 3rd, I started a failed quest to lose weight with the hoop. While I became obsessed with the idea of hooping for fitness, and even though I read all these little articles about hooping as a fantastic workout, when I gave the hoop a spin, I forgot to spin more than just the hoop. So before you grab your hoop in excitement to whittle your waist for the new year, here are a few tips that might help you keep your fitness hooping goal and maybe even lose a few pounds inside the circle.