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Hoopcamp Spins National Public Radio


by Philo Hagen As hoopers from across the country and around the world are busy making their way this week to Santa Cruz, California, USA, for Hoopcamp 2014, the largest annual gathering specifically for hoopers on the planet, Here &…

Katie Sunshine on WMMR

Katie Sunshine, aka Katie Keck-Wilson, her hoop and a GoPro video camera recently spun things up at The Preston and Steve Show on WMMR in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A Philadelphia Eagles fan, Katie lives in Arkansas.

Rowan TwoSisters on the Radio

On 90.1 KPFT Radio For Peace in Houston, Texas, they tuned into the topic of health and hooping with “Fat Hooper Star” Rowan TwoSisters of Punk Rock Hoops this morning. “One thing I think is super fun about hooping is…

HoopGirl On Air

HoopGirl teacher and trainer Christabel Zamor spins things up on Radio Station KGO 810 in San Francisco, California. She says her style of creative fitness may have started as a spinoff of the Los Angeles club scene, but it now…