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How to Make Your Own Polypro Hula Hoop

makeapolyprohulahoop Want to learn how to make a polypropylene hoop of your own? Star from Divine Bag of Cells.com is here with a short, but sweet tutorial that hits all the basics you need to know. She says, “In this video you will learn how to make professional polypropylene hula hoops in less than two minutes.” You will probably need to pause some of the written instructions along the way, but once you’ve got the right tools to make it happen, you’ll be able to make your own polypro hoops in no time. She lives in Oakland, California, USA, and the soundtrack is “The Sound of Waves” featuring Alan Watts by Ilmli and it’s available on iTunes.

How to Recycle Hoola Hoop Tubing

recycling [Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn helps us keep our hoops out of landfills.]

by Lara Eastburn

“There is an end to everything,” wrote Chaucer, “to good things as well.” Alas, even our beloved hoops won’t last forever. It can be hard to accept when our favorite circular companion has reached the end of its usefulness. A hoop that is tattered and beat to hell can only be slathered down with adhesive remover and re-taped so many times. And then there are the unfortunate victims of car tires (it happens more than you think!) and LED hoops inadvertently left out in the elements. And with every hoop-maker inevitably collecting a growing pile of tubing remnants, what’s a green-conscious hooper to do with our notoriously difficult-to-recycle hoop materials?

If you’re up for an art project there are some great ways to reuse and repurpose that old hoop. Consider turning that hoop into a holiday wreath, creating your very own twinkle light chandelier or weaving yourself a hula hoop rug. There are so many possibilities – but even if you are feeling crafty, chances are if you’ve got tubing remnants headed for that great big hoop heaven in the sky, you’ll be glad to know that these days there are increasingly more ways to give them a second life. Here’s the down low on how to recycle (almost) all types of hoop plastics.

The Hoop Dancer Uncovers Hula Hoop History

The Hoopdancer

The Hoop Dancer, La Joueuse de cerceau, Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1891

[Hooping.org is pleased to announce the arrival of our new regular columnist, Rayna McInturf, who digs deep this week into our past and our history.]

by Rayna McInturf

Ten years ago, I spent my days sitting at a desk, helping faculty, staff and students with their computer problems at a law university. That IT job was a good job, and I really liked my boss and co-workers. However, I was dying to make a change. I yearned to find some way to unleash my creativity. I pleaded with the Universe to help me. Then, I met Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach, and my life was forever changed. I became totally obsessed with hooping and before I knew it, hooping had completely taken over my life. Here I am ten years later and I think it’s safe to say I’m still obsessed!

Being obsessed with hooping, I’ve wanted to know EVERYTHING about it. Where did it come from? How has it evolved? Did ancient people hoopdance? The voice in my head cried, “They must have!” So you can imagine how I felt when, strolling through the Getty Center in Los Angeles, CA, I came upon Jean-Léon Gérôme’s sculpture pictured above called, of all things, “The Hoop Dancer”! Also on display was a painting by Gérôme in which he featured The Hoop Dancer figurine. Needless to say I was highly intrigued, and I set out to get to the bottom of this mystery.