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Caitlin Hofer: Geeked Out Hoopgirl

Caitlin Hofer: Geeked Out HoopgirlOxford dictionary defines the word geek as “a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast”, a term which pretty much sums up the video star you are about to see. In honour of YouTube’s “Geek Week,” Caitlin Hofer aka isopuppy geeks out with her hoop in absolutely fine fashion in the most appropriate location known to Geek-kind, the public library, complete with approved apparel and regulation backpack. She explained, “I decided to infiltrate my local public library for a little study session on flow science.” Looking at the sweet tricks she busts out in this, I think we can safely say she’s well on her way to a degree in Hoop Geekology. Caitlin lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA, and her utterly fitting soundtrack is “Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo, which you can get for yourself on iTunes.

Ebonie Quint

ebonie quint One thing hoopers quite often do after seeing a particular move or learning a new trick is to use it in their own repertoire just as they saw it done. Ebonie Quint of Ebonie Hoops has a lot of the moves we know and love, but executes them with her own flair, adding some unique twists and unexpected variations that add a whole new dimension to what we thought we knew, which not only keeps it all fresh, but also puts a spin on things that is uniquely her own. Ebonie says, “The hoop helped me find my sense of motion. Anyone can help tap into their own sense of organic movement with a hoop.” Ebonie lives in Indiana, USA, and her soundtrack is “Cosmic Pulse” by Elephant Revival, which you can get for yourself on iTunes.

How to Recycle Hoola Hoop Tubing

recycling [Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn helps us keep our hoops out of landfills.]

by Lara Eastburn

“There is an end to everything,” wrote Chaucer, “to good things as well.” Alas, even our beloved hoops won’t last forever. It can be hard to accept when our favorite circular companion has reached the end of its usefulness. A hoop that is tattered and beat to hell can only be slathered down with adhesive remover and re-taped so many times. And then there are the unfortunate victims of car tires (it happens more than you think!) and LED hoops inadvertently left out in the elements. And with every hoop-maker inevitably collecting a growing pile of tubing remnants, what’s a green-conscious hooper to do with our notoriously difficult-to-recycle hoop materials?

If you’re up for an art project there are some great ways to reuse and repurpose that old hoop. Consider turning that hoop into a holiday wreath, creating your very own twinkle light chandelier or weaving yourself a hula hoop rug. There are so many possibilities – but even if you are feeling crafty, chances are if you’ve got tubing remnants headed for that great big hoop heaven in the sky, you’ll be glad to know that these days there are increasingly more ways to give them a second life. Here’s the down low on how to recycle (almost) all types of hoop plastics.

Auction Items Flowing In

A huge thank you going out to all of our friends who are donating items for the upcoming 2012 World Hoop Day auction at Hoop Camp Retreats.

  • HoopChi has donated 3 packages each including 1 travel hoop, 3 DVD set, 1 travel tote, 1 collapsible water bottle
  • Hoop Camp has donated a room upgrade, which will be in an online auction starting in September
  • Hoopnotica has donated a Complete DVD Set 1-4 as well as our Newest Hoopnotica Mini’s Training
  • SuperHooper has donated a full color collection of their polypro hoops: 16 amazing colors, something for everyone
  • Teton Hoops has donated from their unique collection
  • Cressie Mae Hoops has donated one of her amazing colorful hoops
  • TrinityStarr has donated a travel hoop from their wonderful collection
  • Cynthia Elaine Designs has donated some of her amazing hand crafted jewelry
  • Holistic Hooping has donated from their fantastic collection
  • Candy Pie Burlesque has donated a set of fire pasties

If you have items you would like to donate to add to our auction, please contact us.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt, coverage in our newsletter, and Hoop Camp’s news, on our site and our social media feeds.  We love donations and this is a really cool way to help.