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Caitlin Hofer: Geeked Out Hoopgirl

Caitlin Hofer: Geeked Out Hoopgirl

Oxford dictionary defines the word geek as “a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast”, a term which pretty much sums up the video star you are about to see. In honour of YouTube’s “Geek Week,” Caitlin Hofer aka isopuppy geeks out with…

Ebonie Quint

ebonie quint

One thing hoopers quite often do after seeing a particular move or learning a new trick is to use it in their own repertoire just as they saw it done. Ebonie Quint of Ebonie Hoops has a lot of the…

How to Recycle Hoola Hoop Tubing

[Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn helps us keep our hoops out of landfills.] by Lara Eastburn “There is an end to everything,” wrote Chaucer, “to good things as well.” Alas, even our beloved hoops won’t last forever. It can be hard to…

Stephanie Payne

Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 2.00.11 PM

Stephanie Payne gets her groove on. Soundtrack: “Ten Thousand Hours” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (on iTunes). She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

How To Make a Polypro Hula Hoop

The fourth installment in the “How To Make a Polypro Hula Hoop” series has arrived. Watch Droo Martin of Superhooper.org, with the completely adorable Navi as his assistant, as he teaches us about coiling down any hoop and hand sanding.…