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Bags of Tri-Poop: Must Tri Harder!

Steve Bags Steve Bags of Twisted Orbit spins up some experimental off-body tri-hooping. Or as he likes to call it, tri-pooping. He says, “Poop in this context means a dynamic fusion of Poi and hOOP with perhaps a dash of juggling thrown in for good measure.” So tune in for some off-body triple hooping that fuses juggling, poi and object manipulation. You can also expect him to throw in a ukulele, some toilet seats and “a little zaniness”. Bags currently lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the song he’s jamming to is unknown, so if you know what it is, please share that information in the comments area below.

Selenia XD

Selenia XDYou know when a hooper’s countless hours of dedicated practice pay off is when they pull off amazingly complex tosses, weaves, rolls and SO much more in a seemingly effortless display that really does showcase the hard work they put into their art. Selenia XD, also known as Zelenia Loquita, gives us a dazzling, and at one point truly alarming, demonstration of her twin hooping skills as she enjoys the last day of vacation in a way that only hoopers can. Selenia lives in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, and her soundtrack for this is “Simply Falling” by Iyeoka which is available for you to download on iTunes.

Bags of Poop 1.5 Zee End of the Whirl

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Steve Bags, who scored a Hoopie Award for Bags of Poop 1.0: The First Movement is back with “Bags of Poop 1.5 – Zee End of the Whirl”. The video features poi-style hooping he’s calling Z-spins. “Z-spins are great because you don’t need to do any difficult thumb spins or grip changes, instead you just sharply twist the hoop while spinning it.” If you want, you can learn more from Steve at Hooping University. He lives in Bristol, England, UK. Soundtrack: The Monstrous Cabaret and Playing With Hammers by Stand Out Riot and Rockafella Blues by Stanley’s Choice.