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Bags of Tri-Poop: Must Tri Harder!

Steve Bags

Steve Bags of Twisted Orbit spins up some experimental off-body tri-hooping. Or as he likes to call it, tri-pooping. He says, “Poop in this context means a dynamic fusion of Poi and hOOP with perhaps a dash of juggling thrown…

Selenia XD

You know when a hooper’s countless hours of dedicated practice pay off is when they pull off amazingly complex tosses, weaves, rolls and SO much more in a seemingly effortless display that really does showcase the hard work they put…

Spinning Things Up in Marietta

Laura Roinstad of Baila Hoops spins it up at the Laurel Park Hoopjam in Marietta, Georgia, USA. The jam takes place on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.Photo courtesy of the Marietta Patch. A Hooping.org Photo of the…

Partner Poi-Hooping Trickery

Sean Stogner and Thom Thumb of GyroPulse show off their new partner poi-hooping trickery – with a special guest appearance by Alien Jon. They’re based in Dallas, Texas, USA. Soundtrack: “Friends” from Flight of the Conchords (on iTunes).