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Small Moments with Jay Karma


Jay Karma is one to keep your eye on. He makes his site debut with some very zen hoop flow accompanying some of his original heartfelt poetry.

The Poetry of Hooping

Poetry of Hooping

I Hooped by Carol Harris Springfield, Missouri, USA i hooped till my muscles ached, my body tingled, and my skin was afire with the heat of it….. and then i hooped some more i hooped till i could feel rivlets…

Dawn Sperber: Belief Dance

Dawn Sperber

Do you have a belief dance? Dawn Sperber does and as a poet and a hooper, here we are given the gift of being able to enjoy both of her talents. Dawn’s poem entitled “Belief Dance” is set to music…

Rumi, Poet Laureate of Hoopers

[Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn  shares her love for Rumi.] by Lara Eastburn As hoopers, feelers, movers and thinkers, odds are you’ve heard of the 13th century Persian poet known to the Western world as Rumi. If you haven’t, then prepare…

PTSD, Tutus and the Joy of Jumping

• Tensions ran high at the J-2 Pre-Choreographed Dance Competion in Chicago – and then Team Four brought their hoops out: Fourth Team Snatch-It • Hula hooping and tutus, two great tastes that taste great together: The Notorious Amanda T.…