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Pam Mayer

Booty Spin

Pam Mayer of Pam Hoops shakes her booty at In Depth Hawaii 2014 at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat in Pahoa, Hawaii. She lives in Scottsdale,...

Laura Weimer

Laura Weimer

Laura Weimer of the Heady Hoop Tribe spins it up in this great shot by Irene Skousen of Absolutely Radiant Events and Photography. They live...

Brian Hammill

Brian Hammill in Black Light

What happens when Native American hoop dance goes contemporary? Let’s find out because the sacred story of life has no beginning and it has no...

Samantha Underseth LED Hooping

Samantha Underseth

Samantha Underseth of Hoop Dance Love spins a LED hoop. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Photo by Matthew Redmond.