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Poolside Hooping

Poolside Hooping Nothing says summer fun quite like hooping, but the trouble with summer hooping is it can get kinda warm out there under all of that glorious sunshine, so what do you do? Hoop poolside, of course! Caitlin Donaghy of Caitlin Loves Hoops and friends Kiera Ashley, Micah Hebbel and Christine Golcher had the absolute perfect idea – keeping cool while looking absolutely super cool. Watch for some cool choreography and one or two of them make a really big splash. They live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and our hoopers choice of music for this is “Young Americans” by David Bowie and you can score a copy of it on iTunes.

Is Gon’ Rain!

Is Gon' Rain! While Country Week may be over for Hooping Idol, we can all still get our country hoop on whenever we gosh darn feel like it. Take Caitlin Donaghy, for example. She was set for some country hoopin’ and city livin’ when her sister Allison came to visit, only problem was “Is Gon’ Rain!” Rain for them, however, is a good thing. Caitlin says, “It should go without saying that we spent the majority of the time hooping, and of course we made a video! Enjoy us trolololin’ around!” We most certainly did and we think you will too. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and their soundtrack is “Rain is a Good Thing” by Luke Bryan and you can get it on iTunes.

Caitlin Rae Kelemen

Caitlin Rae Kelemen Caitlin Rae Kelemen spins up an awesome video for her first appearance on Hooping.org and it features not only some definite hooping skills and incredible views – it was filmed in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum – but we get to see her smile and her spirit showcased beautifully here as well. It’s sure to put a smile on your face too. Caitlin lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. We’re not sure what the soundtrack is, so if anybody knows please share. Thanks! A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Caitlin Donaghy

Caitlin Donaghy Caitlin Donaghy shares her very first hooping video and between her natural grace, the white dress, and the rawness of the video itself, it is quite captivating. Filmed in her parents backyard while she was home visiting on a freezing cold afternoon, Caitlin says, “I have pretty much no idea what I am doing, but I had fun making it!” We’re already looking forward to seeing more from her. Caitlin lives in Philadelphia, Pensylvania, USA, and the soundtrack is “Somedays” by songstress Regina Spektor and it’s available for purchase on iTunes.

Hoop Dancer Tara Adelizzi Has Philadelphia Spinning

Tara Adelizzi

Tara Adelizzi

Born and raised in Philadelphia, where at the young age of 15 she was introduced to the underground electronic dance music and art scene, Tara Adelizzi returned to Philly in the summer of 2011 where she was introduced to the art of hoop dance. Mesmerized by its beauty, its meditative force and healing powers, she set out on a journey that she describes as “an electronic music fairy tale.” Really, she does. That’s the title of her blog. And now she’s an instructor and after school teacher for the junior hoop troupe, The Hoopstarz. She performs at nightclubs, has become an affiliate artist of the Torrent Collective, a local cultural and communal art studio where she hosts regular hoop jams, classes and workshops for her hoop organization, the Spin Coalition, and she’s taking the stage with the Five Minute Follies. Currently, Tara finds her interest wandering in the direction of hoop dance as a mechanism for therapeutic intervention for individuals with disabilities, and intends to pursue a Masters Degree in this field.