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Ask Hoopalicious: How Do I Become a Performer?

Ask Hoopalicious Dear Hoopalicious,

How did you get your first paid performance? Did you seek it out, someone approached you, etc?

~Braelyn Z

Hi Braelyn!

This is a great question! I don’t actually remember my VERY first paid performance gig. When I first started hooping I was mostly selling hoops and teaching others how to hoop, but over time, being at various festivals to vend, people began asking me if I did performance as well. I also pretty much hooped EVERYWHERE I went… night clubs, the beach, parties, etc. It was one of those things that just built organically on it’s own.

I met my contact for Cirque du Soleil because I took my hoop into a little night club in Santa Monica and was just hooping on the dance floor. Eventually I did get an agent, but honestly I built a bigger network and got more work by just being visible and talking to new people. Word of mouth is a powerful force! This can take a while though, so if you are looking to begin performing, you can help fast track this by doing a few things:

Workin Cheap: How Shortsighted Ninnies are Killing our Profession

will hoop for free [Guest blogger Laura Witwer has some things on her mind.]

by Laura Witwer

Buckle up dear hoopers – this is gonna be a bumpy ride! Today, we will be talking about the money side of the business, specifically about working cheap. What does it mean to you and your industry? How does it affect your future ability to earn a living? Are YOU one of the performers on my I-Would-Like-To-Slap-You List? Giddyap, cowgirl – I aim to shoot straight from the hip.

How Cheap is Too Cheap?

When deciding how much I will charge for my services (that sounds vaguely naughty somehow), I take a number of things into account.

• Is someone making money off me? (ex: open to the public shows, night clubs, agents, evil dictators, etc.)
• How much hoo-hah and shenanigans are involved? (travel, rigging, equipment, the occasional high-maintenance producer – we charge a “shenanigans” tax when we have to work with unpleasant people, costuming, custom-created work, cost of meals, scheduling, etc.) The more anticipated drama, the more we charge.
• Are there any pretty perks? (professional photos or video which will contractually be made available to us, awesome location, swanky catering, free equipment or costumes, male models named Dante, etc.)
• Where is the event being held? Germany is a very different market than Ecuador.
Is this a non-profit, fundraising event, or other event where a budget is so tight it squeaks?