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Hooping Performance Stage Fright Solutions

Hooping Performance

Hooping Performance Stage Fright Solutions. Harlow Lestrange has tips for spinning through fear via character creation and making your nerves work for you!

I’ve had so many people assume that I don’t get stage fright after they’ve seen me on stage. They tell me how brave I am and how they would like to be so brave as well. First of all, the majority of performers I have known have had a degree of anxiety before a show, whether it be

David Piedra

David Piedra

Prepare to be amazed, because you won’t believe your eyes! David Piedra, a hand balancing and hula hoop artist who has been performing as a circus entertainer all over the world, totally dazzles us with his mad hoop skills and…

Performance Anxiety

Performance Anx FEAT

by Matthias Elliott I started hooping because it didn’t matter. It was an activity that seemed to have no value or point. As a result, I didn’t have to think about how well I did or who was watching, because,…