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Exploring Hooping Choreography

Exploring Hooping Choreography FEAT

by Megan Smith (Sati Flow) Let’s face it – when it comes to performing, there are countless questions that can cause any performer anxiety: How big is the stage? What is the theme of the show? Who am I performing…

David Piedra

David Piedra

Prepare to be amazed, because you won’t believe your eyes! David Piedra, a hand balancing and hula hoop artist who has been performing as a circus entertainer all over the world, totally dazzles us with his mad hoop skills and…

Performance Anxiety

Performance Anx FEAT

by Matthias Elliott I started hooping because it didn’t matter. It was an activity that seemed to have no value or point. As a result, I didn’t have to think about how well I did or who was watching, because,…

Ask Hoopalicious: Handling Handsy Hoop Fans

[Hoopalicious helps hoop performers smartly handle unwanted advances.] Dear Hoopalicious, How do you handle handsy attendees at whatever concert/rave/festival you’re performing at without ‘making a scene’ or disrupting the show? Just to clarify, I think the fact I have to…

GroovinMeGzz Performs at Hoopcamp

GroovinMeGzz of The Hooping Body performs in the Hooper’s Showcase at Hoopcamp 2011, held at the Pema Osel Ling retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Riot Performs

Riot of Riot Hooping performs at “A Meeting at the Crossroads”, held at the Sentient Bean in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, USA.